Logbook Entry Shortcuts

When making a new entry there are several ways in which LogTen can expedite your entry process.

One of the many main advantages of an electronic logbook is that you don't have to log the same time repeatedly. The Auto-Fill times feature in LogTen automates many of these tasks, but there are many other tools within the app that can save you clicks and taps while you are on the Logbook tab. These defaults will auto-populate each time you create a new entry in LogTen

Below is a list of the ways LogTen can save you time while logging entries:

Defaults Fields

Always fly as PIC or SIC crew? Always fly the same Aircraft Type or Aircraft ID? Are you always flying out of the same Airport? Then stop filling this info in on each new entry. You can pre-set LogTen to default crew, aircraft, and place information with every new entry.


In the People tab, you can designate any person to be the default PIC(P1) or SIC (P2) in each new entry. Most of the time, this will apply to your personal entry in the People tab, but you may want other crew to be default positions as well. To enter default crew information, go into an entry in the People tab and select Default PIC or Default SIC.

Aircraft Type

You can select specific Aircraft Types to auto-populate with each new entry in the Types tab. Go into any entry in the Types tab and select Default.

Aircraft ID

In the Aircraft menu, you can select a specific Aircraft ID to auto-populate with each new entry. If you choose to auto-fill an Aircraft ID, and this Aircraft ID is designated as a specific type, the Type info will automatically be entered as well! Go into an entry in the Aircraft tab and select Default.


In the Places menu, an airport can be auto-populated as the From airport when a new entry is created. Go into an entry in the Places menu and select Default.

GPS locator button
When logging a new entry LogTen will suggest the nearest airport in the To/From Fields based on the current location. To utilize this feature, grant location access to LogTen by opening the Settings app > LogTen > Location and confirming that location access is granted. LogTen will look for the closest location from the database within a 2-mile radius.
If you are at, or near, the airport, no need to enter the identifier, just hit the   button!

No airport? No problem! If no location is found, LogTen will auto-fill the Lat/Lon coordinates and create a New Place entry

Helicopter Pilots!

If you find yourself going to remote locations often, use the GPS buttons to create a New Place. Rename the new place, enter the timezone, and it will be added to your logbook database!

Clock Auto-Fill Buttons
There is a setting in LogTen to enable the Clock Auto-Fill Buttons. This setting can be found in Settings > Time Calculations on the iOS app. On the Mac, you can use the keyboard Space bar to auto-fill these times. When enabled they will display shortcut buttons in two places.


Next Leg, Return, Duplicate

When you are in an entry in LogTen you can create a new entry relative to the entry you are currently in. On iOS, these shortcuts can be found by selecting the Action Button while in any entry details screen, as well as by long-tapping one of the entries whilst in the List view.

On Mac, they can be can found in the File menu in the top menu bar of the computer.
Each of these shortcuts will carry over data from the existing entry into the new entry. The inserted fields are as follows:

  • Next Leg - Flight #, Aircraft ID, Aircraft Type, To airport (taken from the From field of previous entry), and PIC & SIC crew. The date of the previous entry will also be carried over.

  • Return - Flight #, Aircraft ID, Aircraft Type, To & From airports (reversed from the city pair of previous entry), and PIC & SIC crew. The date of the previous entry will also be carried over.
  • Duplicate - Flight #, Aircraft ID, Aircraft Type, To & From airports, and PIC & SIC crew. The date of the duplicated entry will default to the current day. 


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  • Sorry, I'm new here. I love the Product! A fellow pilot I was flying with uses a similar product, and he can take a picture of our aircraft flight log and have the system log his flight entry that way. Is there a feature like that available in LogTen?

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  • Hi robert.2.martucci

    This is currently not a feature in LogTen. I would encourage you to send a support ticket for a feature request suggestion. We appreciate the feedback

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