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LogTen's iOS Navigation has been redesigned!

LogTen version 2022.1 is more streamlined and better designed for logging and in-app navigation. The new navigation also adds full iPad multi-tasking compatibility, so now you can use LogTen side by side with your favorite apps. The designs within each section have not changed, but how you get there may be a little bit different. These changes affect iPhone and iPad apps only.

  •  Here is a summary of the changes:
    • New Entry - We’ve (jet)streamlined the in-app workflow based on your feedback with LogTen’s “New Entry” feature, front and center on your logbook. Now logging a flight on your iPhone and iPad is exactly one tap away!
    • Logbook & Admin - these menus now contain most of the sections of the app that used to be found in the previous More tab.
    • Plan & Analyze have been divided into two separate sections replacing the previous Radar tab which contained both sections in one tab.


On the iPhone, all top-level navigation items will be located at the bottom of the screen. 

On the iPad, all top-level navigation will be on the left column which can be opened and closed using the icon-sidebarToggle.png icon. 

Note about Multi-Tasking

On the iPad, the navigation structure will change to look like the iPhone while in Split View and Slide Over modes. See Multitasking on iPad

icon-newEntry.png New Entry

New Entry is a quick and easy way to add a new entry from anywhere in the app!

With a single tap, you can go directly into a new logbook entry. By also using Clock Auto-Fill buttons, GPS locate buttons, and logbook defaults, you can further expedite your logbook entry process. See our article Logging a Flight in LogTen for more information.

icon-status.png Plan

The Plan section is the same except now it is quicker and easier to access. It is now its own section and is always accessible from anywhere in LogTen.

icon-analyze.png Analyze

 The Analyze section is the same except now it is quicker and easier to access. It is now its own section and is always accessible from anywhere in LogTen.

icon-logbook.png Logbook

The Logbook menu contains all the sections that pertain to logging flights, duties, certificates, running reports, and backing up your data. What used to be called Logbook in previous navigation design is now found in Flights & Duties. The following sections can be accessed from the Logbook:


icon-profile.png Admin

The Admin menu will be present at the bottom of the iPhone, or anytime the navigation on the iPad switches to the iPhone-style navigation. This menu contains the Account and Help sections as well as the app Settings.


As you navigate deeper into both the Logbook and Admin sections, you can always reset to the main menu by tapping Logbook or Admin. For example, if you were to navigate to Logbook > Reports > Experience, you could go back to the main Logbook menu very quickly simply by tapping Logbook.

  • Why did you rearrange the app? 
    • It's more efficient! We listened to customer feedback about what and how you use the app. Now the most used features are right at your fingertips. Another big reason is that it was necessary to make LogTen compatible with iPad multitasking which has been one of our most requested features. 
  • Where are the Reports?
    • Reports have moved into the Logbook menu.
  • Where are the Backups?
    • Backup has moved from Settings into the Logbook menu.
  • Where is the Logbook tab?
    • The Logbook tab has been renamed Flights & Duties and can be accessed in the Logbook menu.
  • Where is the Repair Logbook?
    • Almost all of what the Repair Logbook tool repairs,  can also be done by restarting the app. So in a sense, every start-up is a repair. But if you need this function it can be accessed in a hidden Troubleshooting section. To find this section all you need to do is navigate to the Settings section in LogTen then long-tap anywhere on the screen. After a couple of seconds, you will see a new section labeled Troubleshooting appear at the bottom.
  • What happened to Fly Now?
    • Fly Now can be utilized on the Apple Watch app which is the perfect platform for the real-time logging which the feature provides. The added New Entry option provides the same quick access for a wider range of LogTen users.
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  • Hi Thomas,

    I've been waiting to download the new version since I got the email the other day. Still not available on the App Store for me. I am currently in France, but my apple store account is in the U.S.. Is that why it isn't available?


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  • Hi alnezyan

    Our Support staff can help you with that! In your version 6 app go to Contact Support and send your logbook (including images) to our support team. This will generate a ticket with your data and they can help migrate it over to the newer iPad.

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  • I was able to update the app now.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • When can we expect to see 2022.1 available for update on the App Store ?

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  • Hi embraer190driver

    The app should be available for download in the App Store now for everybody!

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  • Hi alfredoperilla

    When you search LogTen in the App Store you might actually need to select LogTen and view the details page of the product for it to change from "Open" to "Update".

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  • Hello
    I have LogTech Pro 6 on my old iPod iOS 10.3.4 and I would like to move it to my new iPad iOS 15.6 how can I do that ?

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