Duty Auto Fill for scheduled times

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For pilots who enter their schedules in advance, LogTen can now automatically estimate duty times.

LogTen will predict duty periods and automatically add approximate Duty and FDP times based on your preferred offsets (e.g. 45 minutes before departure, 15 minutes after arrival) to a selection of flights, or when importing a schedule.

Note: Pilots should ensure to manually update estimated duty times with actuals.

This allows pilots to see their scheduled Duty periods in advance and compare it to all their Limits and Currencies.

LogTen's Insight feature will automatically compare your future schedule against all your Limit and Currency groups!

See this article for more about Logging Duty & Rest

How it works

This feature can be applied using two methods:

Method 1 - During Schedule Import

If you take advantage of the schedule import feature on the Mac, there is an option to Auto-Fill the Duty times upon import. This feature only works if there are schedule times in the flights being imported.

In the Import window, you will see a checkbox in the lower-left corner labeled, "Auto fill Duty and Flight Duty times from defaults". When enabled, and if scheduled times exist in the imported file, LogTen will fill in your duty defaults during import, as shown below:


Method 2 - Using the Batch Edit feature

If your future schedule is already in your logbook, either through a 3rd party app import or manually entering the data yourself, you can use the Batch Edit feature on the Mac to auto-fill the Duty times from a selected batch of flights.

  1. Highlight a batch of flights that have scheduled duty times. To do this select the first flight to highlight it, then hold the Shift Key (⇧) down as you select the last flight. All flights in between including the first and last should now be highlighted.
  2. In the top menu bar of your computer select the Logbook menu. There will be an option to "Auto Fill Duty/FDP Times to Selection".
  3. Select this and LogTen will fill your duty default times as shown below:



Duty periods will be detected based on the Scheduled Out & Scheduled In times. For each duty period the, On Duty, Off Duty & FDP Start & FDP End times will be applied as per your selected duty offsets in your duty settings. These settings are found in Preferences > Duty > Duty Periods.


After your flight is completed, and actual times are entered, be sure to re-calculate your duty times based on the Actual In time.

Duty Auto Fill FAQ's

How do I enter my Actual Duty times after the flight is completed?

After you have your Actual times entered, be sure to go back and re-calculate your Duty times. While you cannot use the Duty AutoFill feature for actual times, you can easily adjust your duty times on any device after actual times are entered with just a few clicks.

On iOS:

This can be done utilizing the "Clock Time Auto-Fill Buttons". If you do not see these buttons go to More > Settings > Time Calculations > Show Clock Time Auto-Fill Buttons.

Swipe the current duty time to the left to "Clear" the data. Then tap the Time button which will reflect your default offset time.


On the Mac:

Delete the existing times from the entries, then put your cursor back into the field and tap the Space Bar on your keyboard. The default duty offset time will populate.



How does the app predict my Duty Period?

Based on your scheduled times, the app will look for periods of 8 hours or more between flights and consider this an Off Duty period. Sometimes the duty period will cover multiple legs and the On/Start times will be applied to the first leg, and the Off/End times will be applied to the last leg. In the image below the flights on 14 Oct and 15 Oct are an example of how the Duty times are applied to the first and last legs of multi-leg days. The entry on 16 Oct shown below is an example of a  single leg day and thus all On/Start, Off/End times are applied to a single flight.


What if I don't have my scheduled times?

The feature only works with scheduled times. If it is attempted to be applied on a selection of flights without scheduled times, nothing will be applied. Your data will not change.

I received a pop-up window that says "Unable To Auto Fill Duty Times". Why?

This message indicates that there are existing duty times within the selected flights. For this feature to work, no duty times can exist in the flights selected to auto-fill.


My Duty settings show my default times are offset from Scheduled Out and Actual In times. Will this work if I don't have an Actual In time?

Yes. Scheduled In times are designed to be used if no Actual In times exist.

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