FAR117 Duty Monitor

Pilots flying under FAR Part 117 regulations can now monitor their daily duty at a glance. By selecting to display this feature, you can quickly see your daily max duty, duty remaining, and when your next scheduled flight should depart by. To display this feature go to More > Settings > Display Options > Show FAR117 Limits and select On. Then go back into the Radar Plan tab and it will appear under the Time Loupe.


  • Max Duty = Your maximum allowable Flight Duty Period based on your operations.
  • Remaining = As you scroll the Time Loupe over a Flight Duty Period this will count down your remaining Max Duty.
  • Depart (XXX) By = This will display the time your next scheduled flight needs to depart by based on the scheduled enroute time.
  • Acclimated TZ = This will show you the timezone being used to calculate your Max Duty. It will also display in parenthesis the airport in LogTen designated as Home Base which is the field used to determine acclimated timezone.
  • Class (1, 2, 3) Rest Facility = For Augmented operations only, the monitor will display Class Rest Facility. This will also display the crew count and number of flights within the duty period.
Max Duty

Since FAR117 rules are based upon Flight Duty Periods, LogTen Pro uses the FDP Start and FDP End fields within the Duty tab. If you do not yet have FDP periods defined, the feature will prompt you to "enter an FDP Start time". Note that the FDP fields are separate from the regular On Duty / Off Duty fields. Please see our Logging Duty & Rest article for more details on how to log FDP.


LogTen uses the FAA Augmented and Unaugmented Limit tables (seen below) and the FDP Start time (adjusted to your acclimated timezone and segments) to determine Max Duty



Acclimated to Theater
  • Acclimated means a condition in which a flightcrew member has been in a theater for 72 hours or has been given at least 36 consecutive hours free from duty.

  • Theater means a geographical area in which the distance between the flightcrew member's flight duty period departure point and arrival point differs by no more than 60 degrees longitude.

If you are not Acclimated to Theater then your "Max Duty" must be reduced by 30 minutes. To make this adjustment, tap the figure under the "Max Duty" section and deactivate the "Acclimated to Theater" toggle. You will see the "Max Duty" value decreased by 30 minutes:


Augmented v Unaugmented Operations

The crew complement of the first flight within the Flight Duty Period will determine the type of Operations used. Only the following six crew fields are used in making this determination:

  • PIC/P1 Crew
  • SIC/P2 Crew
  • Relief Crew
  • Relief Crew 2
  • Relief Crew 3
  • Relief Crew 4

2 or less logged crew = Unaugmented Operations. 

3 or more logged crew = Augmented Operations. 

Class Rest Facility - Augmented Operations only

When the monitor feature determines Augmented Operations, a Rest Facility field will display. Rest facility means a bunk or seat accommodation installed in an aircraft that provides a flight crew member with a sleep opportunity. Class 1 is the default Rest Facility but if you tap the "Class 1 Rest Facility" blue text, you can change it to Class 2 or Class 3, as needed:


(1) Class 1 rest facility means a bunk or other surface that allows for a flat sleeping position and is located separately from both the flight deck and passenger cabin in an area that is temperature-controlled, allows the flightcrew member to control light, and provides isolation from noise and disturbance.

(2) Class 2 rest facility means a seat in an aircraft cabin that allows for a flat or near flat sleeping position; is separated from passengers by a minimum of a curtain to provide darkness and some sound mitigation; and is reasonably free from disturbance by passengers or flightcrew members.

(3) Class 3 rest facility means a seat in an aircraft cabin or flight deck that reclines at least 40 degrees and provides leg and foot support.

Acclimated TZ

LogTen uses the Home Base field to determine the Acclimated Timezone. Home Base is an existing field within the Places tab. To make this field visible, go into any entry within the Places tab then configure the fields to display Home Base. 


If you do not already have a Home Base designated then you will be asked to "Set Home Base" when you first display the FAR117 feature. Selecting the Set Home Base link will allow you to quickly select any airport as the Home Base from the Places list that pops up.


Note: While Home Base is used for Acclimated Timezone purposes it may sometimes be different than your actual "Home Base" and can manually be changed at any time. When you change your Home Base within this feature it will remain this way until it is changed back. 

The importance of making sure your Home Base is set to your acclimated timezone can be seen in the following example. Below you can see that FDP starts in KJFK at 630 however, the Home Base in this logbook is set to KLAX. That would make the acclimated timezone start time 0330. Using our Unaugmenetd table you can see that for a 2 segment day this would change the Max FDP from 13 hours (using JFK) to 9 hours (using KLAX).


Why don't I see any data displayed?

This could be for a couple of reasons:

  • You need to have flights logged with either scheduled or actual times. This is necessary for the feature to know how many segments are within the Flight Duty Period.
  • You need to have FDP times logged.
Does my Home Base get set for all flights?

After setting your Home Base, that location will remain the same until manually changed again. Be sure to reset your Home Base if necessary.

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