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LogTen uses Reports to display many different types of data in a printable format. There are more than 100 professional logbook report templates included in LogTen based on official logbook formats.

To navigate to the Reports section of LogTen, please tap on MORE-->Reports, which will bring up several options.

The Reports tab is divided into three sections, categorised depending on the type of report that you need to generate. You can view each of the sections (Overview, Logbooks and More) on top of each of the blocks.


The Overview section has reports that show a "big picture" of your data. It is divided into 4 subsections: Experience, Summaries, Duties & Limits and Graphs. 
  • Experience: displays data relevant to applications for certification, job websites, and resumé creation.


  • Summaries: displays times and other data, based on a variety of constants such as place or time period.


  • Duties & Limits: displays data relevant to duty time regulation compliance for several regulatory


  • Graphs: graphically display flights and times based on many different criteria.



The  Logbooks section has reports which resemble traditional paper logbooks in a variety of formats based on geographical location.




  • General: contains a generic logbook that contains data columns useful in many regions, without mimicking a region in particular. They will display information that is equally useful for many regions. This is also where Dynamic Reports are found. For more information on Dynamic Reports, please see Dynamic Reports.







  • USA, Europe, China, etc: this title will change based on which region is chosen. Here traditional paper logbook formats are found. LogTen Pro contains 17 different regions with reports specific to that area. In order to view logbook reports available for your region, you may need to change the Logbooks region. Tap Change Region, and choose the option that best matches your area of the world. Once you return to the main Reports view, the last selected Region will be quickly accessible. 






The More section contains additional reports that can be used to recreate the endorsement sections at the back of traditional logbooks, export data in a variety of formats, access custom reports built by you, or the LogTen Pro Customer Support Jedi team, and more.



  • My Reports: Custom reports which are created or downloaded will be viewable here. See How to Create a Custom Report using the Mac version of LogTen. Note: This folder will only display if you have a custom report. If the folder is empty this will not appear.
How to generate a Report?

Generating a Report

The report creation process is basically the same no matter what type of report is being made. In this example, we will be creating a Jeppesen Pro Pilot Log 27:

  • Tap on the desired report, then tap "Configure Report..."
  • An "Options" window for configuring your report will appear.
  • Configure the data set as desired and tap on Generate. 

iOS_normalreport_16.33.00.PNG  iOS_normalReport.gif


  • Additionally, you can choose to filter a report to only show certain "Entry Type", as defined when the flight was logged. For example, to generate a report with only your simulator time; or conversely, only your flying.
  • In this case, tap on "Entry Type", select the desired filter" and tap on "Generate".

iOS_entryTypeReport.PNG  iOS_generateReportType.gif

  • It is also possible to use a Filter Group: This will use the Radar - Analyze tab to filter the data the report generates. You can select the Last 6 Months, Last 12 Months, etc groups or you can select any Smart, Currency, or Limit group you have in your Radar tab.
  • In this instance, tap on Filter Group and you will be taken to a similar window than your "Analyze" tab, where you can select which Group you want to generate the report of.
  • Finally, it is also possible to generate a report with a Custom Date Range, which will filter the report start and end dates. Toggle this ON to display Start Date & End Date fields.  You can also choose one of the preset time periods (This Month, This Year, etc.).

iOS_reportCustomRange.PNG  iOS_rangeReport.gif

In any of the cases, tap Generate in the upper-right corner when you are ready to run the report.

If you want to Print or Save your report see this article: Printing & Saving Reports

Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.

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