Customizing LogTen's Navigation bar - Mac Only

LogTen is organized in different tabs at the top of the Mac app. Not all of them are displayed at the same time. Not only you can change which ones are visible at one time, but also you can choose the order in which they are displayed. To do this, once LogTen is open on your Mac, click, at the top, on: "View-->Customize Toolbar".
You will be presented with a screen like in the screenshot below: Screenshot_2020-10-30_at_17.47.15.png In this new window, you are able to "drag" the items to rearrange the order, or you can drag items in and out of the top navigation bar to set your desired order and configuration. You can even enter spaces! If for any reason you would like to go back to the default order, you can drag the default set back to the top navigation bar:
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