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On the iOS app, LogTen has several different ways to create a new entry.

LogTen makes it easy to log entries with several ways to start a new entry whether you're inside the application, on your iPhone/iPad home screen, or using your Apple Watch, you can create a new entry with one or two taps.


Choose an entry method
  • New Entry Button - Select the "New Entry" button from the bottom tab bar. Regardless of where you are in the iOS app, the New Entry button will always be visible to select.
  • Flight List "+" Button - In the  Logbook section, select Flights & Duties, and tap the "+" button.
  • Long Press App icon - From your iPhone/iPad home screen long-press the LogTen application icon. From the menu that appears select "New Entry". This will open LogTen and take you directly to a new entry.
  • Next Flight Widget - Use the Next Flight Widget to log a new entry. If there are no future flights in your logbook, the Next Flight Widget will display a "+" icon which will open LogTen and take you directly to a new entry.
  • Apple Watch Fly Now - Use the Apple Watch Fly Now! to log a new entry. All the entries can be made from the Apple watch which will then be synced with your iPhone after the flight is completed.
Configure your fields

Once you start a new entry on your iPhone/iPad you will be on the Flight Details screen. If you have not yet configured your logbook to display the fields you want, you can do so from this screen.

See our article linked below about configuring your logbook to display, or not display, any of the over 100 fields LogTen has to offer.

Configuring your Logbook

Set your Auto-Fill times

Once you've started a new entry and have your fields configured, you will want also to set your auto-fill times. Always want PIC, XC, and IFR to auto-fill? No problem! Log one time and auto-fill the rest.

See the article linked below about how to set your auto-fill times.

Save Time With Auto Enter Times

Expedite your logging

LogTen has several ways to make your logging even faster

  • Default Fields -You can set it so that every new entry will automatically add;  default PIC Crew, SIC, Crew, Type, Aircraft ID, or From Airport. Each time a New Entry is created these fields will already be populated with your preset defaults. 
  • GPS buttons - If GPS is enabled for LogTen the app can auto-fill your From and To location by pressing the GPS button. Whether you're at the airport hotel or an offshore helipad, LogTen can auto-fill your location data.
  • Clock Auto-Fill buttons - If you choose to show the clock auto-fill buttons, you can auto-fill the actual times or duty times with a single click. If you want to fly "NOW", or populate your Duty default times, the clock auto-fill buttons will save you keystrokes.
  • Next Leg, Return, Duplicate - Carry over related data from the current entry by creating a new entry using the Next Leg, Return, and Duplicate shortcut.

See our article linked below for more info on each of the mentioned shortcuts.

Logbook Entry Shortcuts

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