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Configuring what data is visible 

LogTen is loaded with hundreds of data fields which you probably do not want to see all the time. You can customize your app to choose what fields are displayed (and which ones are not).

To change the visibility of a field, please select any flight in your iOS logbook, and tap the Action button (3 dots on the top right corner) then select Configure fields.

Tap Configure Section for the section that you want to add/hide fields from and turn on/off any of the fields you want to be displayed.

While in this "Edit Mode" you can rearrange the order of the fields within their section by dragging the "triple equal" symbol on the right of each field.

When you're done configuring a specific section, tap "Back" which will take you back to the original detail view for the flight and then repeat the process for the next section you would like to configure.

You only have to do this on one flight then all of the fields will also display for all of your other flights when they're opened.



This same action applies to the Types, Aircraft, Places, People tabs. For example, if you can't find the Timezone field in the Places tab, then select the three dots button in the top right corner and configure the fields. If you can't find the Hobbs field in the Aircraft tab, then select the three dots button and configure the fields. etc. 

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  • Is there a way to save field configurations and switch between them. The defaults are nice but I really want to have multiple custom ones to switch between so I can use the interface efficiently whilst on duty but then edit nitty gritty details later or make corrections. Thanks.

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  • Hi danieljonbayley

    This is not currently a feature in the app, but thanks for the feedback! I can see how this would be good to have. I'll pass the request on.

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  • How can I configure fields (the sequence of crew members, times, etc.) on the desktop. In the app, I have the three dots.
    - Lars -

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  • Hi Lars

    On the Mac, you can reorder the files by clicking and dragging the column headers left or right.

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  • I’ve configured the data fields as desired both, which fields and in what order I want them in the app for logging a flight. Every time I log back in fields are missing and/or rearranged. Any insight to why it’s not saving my configuration? It’s making it difficult to input all flight data via the app.


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  • Hi Mike
    If you were running LogTen version 2023.4 then please update in the App Store. There was a related issue that may have caused this which was fixed in newer releases.

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  • I have a column in for SIC time and it says there's an hour in it, but I have looked at every one of my flights and there is no time in that column at all. How do I fix this? I currently do not have any SIC time

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  • Hi madisonsaccoman

    If you are still having this issue, please contact our support team in-app at Help > Contact Support. They can help look at your data and find the discrepancy.

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