Type-Specific Landing Currency Groups

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In the following example, we will create a Type-Specific landing Currency Group to track currency for a Citation XLS+. The same principles apply for whatever Type you are trying to track.

This group adds criteria beyond the default Day and Night groups to include Type, and can also capture Simulator entries from recurrent training sessions.

You can also download the day group here and the night group here and simply change the "begins with" criteria from Step 8.

Follow these steps to create the Currency Group:

1. Navigate to the Radar tab and tap the + button in the upper-right corner. Choose "New Currency Group".

  1.jpeg   2.jpg

2. Type in the desired name for the Currency Group (in this case "C56X Day").


3. Type in the time range and choose the time type (in this case "90 Days").


4. Tap "Configure..." to begin telling the Currency Group what criteria you want.


5. Tap "Category" and choose "Aircraft Type", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.


6. Tap "Key" and choose "Type", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

C.jpg  D.jpg 

7. Tap "Operator" and choose "begins with", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

You only need to type in the number of characters it will take to differentiate this Type from other Types you have in your logbook.

E.jpg  9.jpg

In order to capture Simulator entries, you must name your simulator Type with the same first characters as the actual aircraft Type. In this example, the actual aircraft is "C56X" and the simulator is "C56X SIM":


8. Tap "Value" and type in "C56X".


9. Tap "Add criteria...".


10. Tap "Category" and choose "Landings", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

12.jpg 13.jpg

11. Tap "Key" and choose "Day T/O", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

14.jpg 15.jpg

12. Tap "Operator" and choose ">=", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

16.jpg 17.jpg

13. Tap "Value" and type in "3".


14. Tap "Add criteria...".


15. Configure the criteria in the same way as Steps 10 -13, except choose "Day Ldg" for the Key.


16. If desired, define the color annunciation for specific time periods before currency expires.


17. Tap the "..." in the upper-right corner and choose "Duplicate". This is the most efficient method to create a night currency group.


18. Tap on the "ℹ︎" next to "C56X Day Copy" to open the group.


19. Rename the group (in this case"C56X Night").


20. Change the Keys in the criteria to "Night T/O" and "Night Ldg" and click "OK".

25.jpg  26.jpg


The resulting groups will appear in the Currency Group section of the Radar tab. The numbers next to the C56X Day and C56X Night Currency Groups are days remaining until currency expires:


Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen Pro issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.


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