How is my logbook data stored?

It is very important to understand how LogTen stores data so that steps can be taken to protect against data loss. There are multiple ways to store and backup data. Action is required by the user to ensure the logbook is backed-up.

This is NOT accomplished automatically - Coradine does NOT store user data. 

Local Storage

After LogTen is installed on the device, any entries, images, or signatures made in the logbook are stored on the hard drive of that device. If no other action is taken, this data is at risk if the device is lost, damaged, or fails. You can view where the file is stored on iOS and Mac. 

Alternate Storage Location

Users of the Mac app have the option to have the LogTen data file stored in another location on the local drive. This can be used in conjunction with a cloud service that automatically backs up certain files on the local drive, effectively creating an auto-backup process. Please read Alternate Logbook Locations for more information.

In-App Backup 

The best way to protect data is to use the In-App Backup. This makes a copy of the data in its present state and stores it on the iCloud drive associated with the Apple ID currently signed into the device, or in the user's Dropbox if that option is followed. The backup can be easily restored on another device if the present one becomes unusable, or on the same device if the data stored on the device became corrupted somehow. The size of the backup is generally small but can grow depending on how many images are saved in the file. Older backups that are no longer relevant can be deleted to conserve space on iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

It is important to note that iCloud Sync IS NOT A BACKUP. If data is deleted on one device, this will sync through to the other devices. If no In-App Backups have been made, there will be no recourse to restore the original data.

Manual Backup

You can also manually copy the data file and store the backup wherever you like. Please read Manually Saving the Data File for more information.

Does Coradine store my data?

Please be aware that Coradine does not store customer's logbook data. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the data file is backed up. Regularly backing up your data (at least monthly and more often depending on the amount of logging) is highly recommended.

Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to Help → Contact Support.

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  • Is there a way to have an iCloud or Dropbox auto save after a certain time period (2 weeks, 1 month, 4 months) something like that?

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  • Hi pilotgates

    Not currently. All backups within LogTen must be made manually.

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