FAR Part 117 Limit Groups

Flight Time Limit Groups

100 hours of total flight time in any consecutive 672 rolling hours
Download the Limit Group here


1000 flight hours in any 365 rolling day period
Download the Limit Group here
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Maximum Daily Flight Time Limit

The maximum daily flight time limit is based on your start time and is either 8 hours or 9 hours for unaugmented crews.


You can create a Limit Group to make sure your next flight will not exceed your daily limit. Unfortunately at this time, LogTen Pro is not able to tell if a pilot's daily limit is 9 or 8 hours. A sample 8 hour limit can be created as shown:

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For users who track dates in local time (users who have their logbook set to local instead of Zulu), we recommend using "In Last 14 Hours" to get a more accurate reading of daily flight time due to LogTen Pro using Zulu dates for groups. *Please see the footnote for an explanation on why we choose 14 hours.

Augmented crews are also subject to daily limits of 13 hours for 3-person flight crews or 17 hours for 4-person crews; Limit Groups for these regulations can be created following the same model as above.

If you have an 8-hour or 9-hour limit, depending on your start time and the number of legs, you can create both limit groups and only use the one that applies to the limits of the current day.

Duty Time Limit Groups

Part 117 rules also contain two flight duty limits, which can be tracked in LogTen Pro with the FDP fields (specifically FDP Start, FDP End, and Total FDP). We recommend entering your FDP Start time on your first flight of the day and FDP End time on the last flight of the day.

60 hours of FDP in 168 hours
Download the Limit Group here
190 Hours of FDP in 672 hours
Download the Limit Group here
Maximum Daily Duty Time Limit

The maximum flight duty period is based on your start time and the number of flight segments. The Duty/Rest Bar is the best way for a pilot to see their "live" flight duty time.



Example 1:

On the 1st, the following flights were flown:

  • KMSP - KFSD from 1720 local to 1828 with an On Duty time of 1635 (45 minute show time)
  • KFSD - KMSP from 1915 - 2014

The following flight was scheduled and then delayed:

  • KMSP - KATW originally scheduled 2135 to 2242 but delayed until 0035

To properly track your duty time:

  1. Update the Off Duty time to 0142 (the original scheduled in time of 2242, plus 3 hours):

    image.png image.png


  2. Refer to the duty information in the Duty/Rest bar on the Radar page:


The Duty bar indicates 6:15 of elapsed duty time; if the next flight departs as scheduled, the flight duty day will be completed with 9:07 hours of duty time.

In this scenario (with a start time in the 1700-2159 range and 3 legs), a pilot's daily duty limit is 11 hours; therefore, this flight can be completed and the pilot will remain in compliance with the regulations. Additionally, any flight assignment with 4:45 or less of duty time (11 hours - 6:15) can be accepted at the current point in time.

It is important to note in this example that the delay resulted in the next rest period getting reduced to 9:36 hours. In this case, the next day's On Duty time would have to be delayed 24 minutes to ensure 10 hours of rest.

Example 2:

In this example assume our On Duty time is 11:18 AM local on the 30th of May (11:48 - 30 minute show time) and that we are in our acclimated time zone flying with an unaugmented crew. An 11:18 AM On Duty time with 4 flight segments allows for a 13-hour maximum flight duty period.

image.png image.png

The Duty bar shows the current scheduled duty period time as 10:50 minutes. Assuming no schedule changes, the current duty day would comply with the maximum flight duty period limit.


The Duty/Rest bar, while on flying duty, will also show the planned rest opportunity for the evening. In the above example, the "Planned Rest" period is 11:22. As long as the scheduled Off Duty time is not exceeded by 1:22 the required rest period of 10 hours will be in compliance.

Further clarification of FAA definitions and how they relate to LogTen Pro:

Duty means any task that a flightcrew member performs as required by the certificate holder, including but not limited to flight duty period, flight duty, pre- and post-flight duties, administrative work, training, deadhead transportation, aircraft positioning on the ground, aircraft loading, and aircraft servicing.

LogTen Pro uses On Duty and Off Duty fields and auto-fills the Total Duty time based on these times. LogTen Pro uses these times not only to figure out Total Duty but also rest times (the Rest Before Duty field).

Flight duty period (FDP) means a period that begins when a flightcrew member is required to report for duty with the intention of conducting a flight, a series of flights, or positioning or ferrying flights, and ends when the aircraft is parked after the last flight and there is no intention for further aircraft movement by the same flightcrew member. A flight duty period includes the duties performed by the flightcrew member on behalf of the certificate holder that occur before a flight segment or between flight segments without a required intervening rest period. Examples of tasks that are part of the flight duty period include deadhead transportation, training conducted in an aircraft or flight simulator, and airport/standby reserve, if the above tasks occur before a flight segment or between flight segments without an intervening required rest period.



Rest Requirements

The rules require that no crew member may accept an assignment unless given a rest period of at least 10 consecutive hours prior to duty.

The amount of rest between each duty period is now easily discernible in the New LogTen Pro Time Loupe feature on the Plan page of the Radar tab:


It is important to note that Rest periods are predicated on the On Duty/Off Duty fields (and not the FDP fields). By filling out your Off/On Duty times for the day LogTen Pro will automatically calculate your Rest Before Duty and use this time on the New LogTen Pro timeline showing if you have legal rest.

30 hours consecutive rest in 168 hours

Using the Duty fields described above, LogTen Pro allows you to track the following requirement:

Before beginning any reserve or FDP assignment, the flightcrew member must have received a 30 consecutive-hour rest within the past 168 consecutive hours that precedes the beginning of the FDP.

Download the Rest Currency Group here.


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