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  We've redesigned LogTen's layout on iOS!

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Night vision is crucial when it comes to flying.  

FAA recommendations state, "after the eyes are adapted to the darkness, avoid exposing them for more than one second to any bright white light, as that causes temporary blindness." (Full article here).

For this reason, we have introduced a Dark Mode theme to make the most of LogTen when flying in the hours of darkness!

On your iOS device, go to More (...) > Settings > Display Options.


Under "Application theme" you have 4 Options:

1. Normal: this setting will result in the regular "day" color scheme
2. Dark: this setting will switch the color scheme of the App to "Dark" mode
3. Automatic: the App uses GPS location to determine the time of the Day and automatically switches between Normal and Dark mode. If GPS is unavailable, it defaults to Dark. 
4. System: the App will default to your system-wide Display & Brightness settings on your device.

Note: If you select "Theme Switch Gesture" ON, a three-touch long-press gesture anywhere in LogTen will toggle between Normal and Dark Interface.
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