Brazil Limit Groups

Flight Time Limit Groups

The Brazil Limits are different depending on your aircraft type. For this article, we will use the Jet criteria. If you need different criteria, download the Jet group and then you can easily edit the group to the time limit you need.

Maximum of 85h in Calendar Month
Maximum of 230h in Calendar Quarter
Maximum of 850h in Calendar Year
Maximum of 9.5h flight hours per day

Duty Time Limit Groups

Maximum of 11h Duty in 24 hours
Maximum of 60h Duty in 7 Days
Maximum of 176h Duty in Calendar Month


36 hours consecutive rest in the last 168 hours
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  • Brazilian regulations have changed ( ex: 90 hours limit on last 28 days instead of 85 hs / one calendar month).

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  • Hi fcampanhabr. Thanks for the feedback! Can you provide a link to the gov regulation website for our team to review?

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