Russia Limit Groups

You can create these groups by copying the information shown in the screenshots, or you can download the groups by clicking or tapping on the associated link.

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Note: Most of these regulations allow for an extension in the number of Flight Time or Duty Time hours. For the purposes of accuracy, these groups will count down from the extended limit, this way you are always aware if you are within the Flight and Duty Limitations.

When the "used hours" reach the un-extended limit, the group will turn red, and will display the number of available hours until the extended limit would be reached.

Flight Time Limitations

Maximum of 90h flight hours per (1) Calendar Month
Download the group  here


Maximum of 270 flight hours per (1) CALENDAR QUARTER
Download the group  here


Maximum of 900 flight hours per CALENDAR YEAR
Download the group  here


Duty Limits

Maximum duty time of 12 total duty hours per 24 HOURS
Download the group  here


Maximum duty time of 144 total duty hours per CALENDAR MONTH
Download the group here


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