Troubleshooting Subscription Issues

My subscription auto-renewed according to my  Apple ID but LogTen still asks me to subscribe?

Unable to Restore Purchases?

No Subscriptions Available to Purchase / Empty Store?

My Work Device Does Not Allow In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases Not Allowed?


My Subscriptions Auto-Renewed but LogTen is still asking me to subscribe?

Most subscription troubles can be quickly resolved by double-checking you are signed into the correct accounts and then performing a Restore Purchases to retrieve the latest renewal.

Subscriptions are associated with the Coradine Account and the Apple ID that you were originally signed into when you subscribed. Please double-check that you are logged into the same Coradine Account & Apple ID you used to make the purchase.

Check your Coradine Account:

  • In LogTen on iOS: tap on Account → Profile.
  • In LogTen Mac: Open the LogTen menu and select Account

Check your Apple ID:

Multiple Apple IDs? In addition to the correct Coradine account, in order for LogTen to be able to retrieve the subscription, it is also necessary to be signed into the App Store with the same Apple ID that was used to originally subscribe

Once you have checked you’re logged in to the correct accounts, use the Restore Purchases ability to have the app retrieve the latest renewal from the App Store.

  • In LogTen on iOS: Select Account → Store, and tap the Restore Purchases button.
  • In LogTen on Mac: Open the LogTen menu, select Store, and click the Restore Purchases button.

Note: You may be prompted to log in to the App Store to complete the restore.


Unable to Restore Purchases?

If you verified all of the above is correct and you still cannot Restore Purchases it is usually associated with two issues:

  • Trying to Restore Purchases on an iOS device when the purchase was made from a Mac computer or vice versa. The App Store on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) and the Mac App Store on computers are technically 2 separate stores. Your receipt lives in the App Store associated with the device that was used for the original purchase. You must Restore Purchases from that same type of device. 
    • If you have an iOS-only subscription then Restore Purchases from an iOS device
    • If you have a Mac-only subscription then Restore Purchases from a computer
    • If you have a combined subscription, the device that was used will always be listed first. Restore Purchases from the type of device listed first such as:
      • iPhone + iPad + Mac if purchased from an iOS device.
      • Mac + iPhone + iPad if purchased from a computer


  • Another reason Restore Purchases may fail is if the app was downloaded with a different Apple ID than the Apple ID currently signed into the App Store. In this situation, it is necessary to delete the app and re-download it with the correct Apple ID before Restore Purchases can succeed. Be sure to backup your logbook before deleting the app!


No Subscriptions Available to Purchase / Empty Store?

First, please check your internet connection to ensure that the application can receive information from the App Store.

If that does not solve it, we have seen an issue in iOS that prevents an application from connecting to the App Store properly, and purchase information cannot be retrieved. This occurs on occasion immediately after the application has been installed, or when an iOS update has been installed. This is almost always solved by one of the following actions:

  • Restarting the app: Double-click the home button, then swipe up on the app screen to close it. Re-open the app, and try again.
  • Restarting the device: Hold down both the Wake/Sleep and the Home button until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears, then release the buttons and the device will restart. Open Log Ten, and try again.


My Work Device Does Not Allow In-App Purchases

Even if you cannot make purchases on a specific device, a subscription purchased on another device will be saved to your Coradine Account. Use the same Coradine Account and log in to LogTen on your work device to automatically authorize it for use with your subscription.


In-App Purchases Not Allowed?

In-App Purchases have been restricted for your iOS applications. Please allow LogTen to use in-app purchases by going to the iOS Settings App, and tap General >> Restrictions >> Allowed Content >> In-App Purchases. For more details, see this Apple article on Managing App Restrictions.


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