How to convert a paper logbook into LogTen Pro

There are three different ways to enter a paper logbook into LogTen Pro.

  • Data Entry service
  • Balance Forward entry
  • Manual entry


Data Entry service

Data Entry Services can convert your paper logbook or PDF file into an importable spreadsheet file. We do not offer data entry services ourselves, but we've partnered with AcuLog to provide professional paper to digital logbook transfer services for pilots worldwide (see website for current pricing information). They do a great job and are familiar with how LogTen Pro works.

Balance Forward entry

This is the fastest way to enter all your previous data into LogTen Pro. Please see our separate article about Balance Forwards here.

Manual entry

This is the most work, but if you have the time it allows you to do a complete review of your data as you enter it electronically line by line. You can either enter data directly into LogTen Pro, or you can enter it into a spreadsheet which can then be imported into LogTen Pro. You could also do a combination of using Balance Forward entries initially while you enter your data line by line. Then you can replace the Balance Forwards with the entered data.



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