How to See Turbine Time on Mac


Turbine time is easy to see in LogTen Pro and can be viewed in a few different ways.

In order for LogTen Pro to accurately calculate turbine time, the Aircraft Type must be accurately configured, specifically the Engine Type. Please see Types Tab on Mac for more information on setting up Aircraft Types.

Using Time by Engine Type Columns

Time by Engine Type can be made immediately viewable in the Logbook Tab by going to LogTen Pro > Preferences > Time > Advanced > Time by Engine Type. Click on the boxes next to the engine types you would like displayed:


Now columns will appear in the grid view of the Logbook tab. Read the totals at the bottom of the page. Remember, these totals are in the context of the group which is selected in the left side-bar, so to read total times, All Entries must be selected.


Using Smart Groups

Smart Groups can also be created to view different types of turbine time. In the examples below, you can recreate the Smart Group by copying the information in the screenshot, or simply download the group here. Please see How to Create a Simple Smart Group on Mac for more information on creating Smart Groups.

Total Turbine Time

This group shows Total Turbine time, regardless of seat position or aircraft category. "Match Any of the following criteria" is set. There are two criteria. 


Turbine PIC Time

This group shows total PIC time on entries in turbine-powered aircraft. This is the same as the Total Turbine Time group except that Show Results As: is set to PIC/P1 Time.


Total "Jet" Time

This group shows total time in aircraft with Jet or Turbo-fan Engine Types. Again, "Match Any of the following criteria" is set, and there are two criteria.


Total Turbo-Prop Time

This group shows total time in aircraft with Turbo-prop Engine Type.


Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen Pro issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to Help > Contact Support

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