How to Create a Simple Currency Group on Mac


In the following example, we will create a Currency Group to track currency for a special authorization approach. The same principles apply for whatever operation you are trying to track.

To be current for the PAJN LDA Z Rwy 8 approach, the approach must have been made in the past 12 calendar months.

Follow these steps to create the Currency Group:

1. Click the + button on the bottom-left corner of the Logbook tab and choose "New Currency Group"


2. Type in the desired name for the Currency Group (in this case "PAJN LDA Z Rwy 8").


3. Type in the time range and choose the time type (in this case, 12 Calendar Months).


4. Choose "Operations" in the first criteria drop-down menu.


5. Choose "Approach 1" in the second criteria drop-down menu.

The approach MUST be logged in the Approach 1 field. If it is in any other field (Approach 2, Approach 3 etc.) the group will not function properly.


6. Choose "contains" in the third criteria drop-down menu.


7. Type in "LDA;Z RWY 8;PAJN" in the window.

Approaches are coded as (Number of Approaches);(Approach Type);(Runway);(Airport). "Contains" was chosen for the Operator so that it would find the approach no matter the number of approaches made. "Z RWY 8" is how the "Runway" was typed in - this could be something like 12, 34L, or A. It does not matter as long as the characters match.


8. If desired, define the color annunciation for specific time periods before currency expires.

In this case, the days remaining will be colored green when there are 365 to 91 days remaining, orange when 90 to 31 days remaining, and red when 30 days or less are remaining.


The resulting group will appear in the left side-bar on the Logbook tab. The number next to the PAJN LDA Z RWY 8 Currency Group is days remaining until currency expires:


Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen Pro issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to Help > Contact Support.

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