Subscription FAQ's

How much does LogTen cost?
The best place to view LogTen prices is inside the app in the Store tab of the app. These prices will reflect your regional App Store prices. Alternatively, you can view the USD prices here:
Can the Subscription be used on Multiple Devices?
Yes. Subscriptions can be used on up to five devices for each OS. So if you have the Basic subscription, you can use it on up to 5 iOS devices. The Pro subscription allows you to use it on up to five iOS devices and five Macs. Simply log into the same Coradine Account in LogTen on your other devices, and they will be activated with your subscription.
When will my subscription auto-renew?
The App Store will begin trying to renew your subscription 24 hours before it is due to expire. The App Store will send you notices if it is unable to process the renewal for any reason.
How do I manage auto-renew?
Auto-Renew settings can be accessed via the Manage Subscriptions button in the Store tab within LogTen, or in your Apple ID subscription settings outside of LogTen. Please note: When your account is set to auto-renew, you will always renew at the same subscription rate. If you cancel your auto-renew you must re-subscribe at the current subscription prices.


See this Apple help article for more details: Managing Auto-Renewing Subscriptions

What happens to my logbook if my subscription expires?
Nothing! All your data will still be viewable and printable. Regardless of subscription status, you can always, view, edit, and print your logbook. You will also continue to receive all application updates. The only limit when your subscription expires is you cannot add any new flights, and you cannot sync. To restore this functionality you will need to re-subscribe.
Can I upgrade my subscription?
It is easy to upgrade from the Basic subscription to the bundled Pro subscription. 
  • To upgrade your subscription, simply open LogTen on your iPhone, navigate to Account → Store and select the Pro option.

  • On your iPad, from the left navigation menu, tap on Store and select the Pro version.
  • On your Mac, please navigate to the LogTen menu in the top-left menu bar and select Store and select the Pro option.

You are immediately upgraded and a new subscription will start on the date of the upgrade. You should also receive a refund from Apple for the prorated amount remaining of the original Basic subscription. It might take several days for the refund to appear.

Can I downgrade my subscription?
If you have the Pro subscription and want to go to the Basic subscription, the easiest method is to cancel your auto-renew and then re-subscribe when your current subscription expires. For details about canceling your auto-renew see: Managing Auto-Renewing Subscriptions 
Can I extend my subscription for longer than 1 year?
All LogTen subscriptions are annual and default to auto-renewing. It is not possible to have a subscription for longer than 1 year.
Can I cancel mid Subscription?
It is not possible to cancel an existing subscription. If you have an auto-renewing subscription, you can "Cancel Subscription" to disable future automatic renewals and the app will expire at your renewal date. See Managing Auto-Renewing Subscriptions for details.
Can I get a refund?

To request a refund you must contact Apple directly, as they do not provide us with the ability to process refunds. Only Apple can process refunds for purchases made through an Apple iTunes account. Before you contact Apple please note that they do not normally refund subscriptions unless there is a gross error such as a duplicate or unauthorized purchase.

You can contact Apple Customer Support directly at When you get to this page, click "Billing & Subscriptions" followed by "Subscriptions & Purchases." Once here, you'll be given a variety of avenues through which you can contact Apple.

We also recommend that you cancel your subscription to prevent being charged again next cycle. To do so, you'll just need to turn off auto-renew within your phone's iTunes account settings. LogTen is not able to manage this for you on our end, but the steps are easy and you can do it at any time. Please see this support article for details:

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  • I logged in with to log ten pro on my new iMac and it says I need another subscription. I only have two devices linked to my account I thought I was good with up to 5 for a year?

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  • Hi odb003 - Do you have the subscription which includes the Mac app? Have you already been using LogTen on a Mac? If so the best thing would be to contact our support team so we can investigate further. If you are trying to use LogTen on a Mac for the first time and you have the Basic subscription, you would need to upgrade to the Pro subscription.

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  • Hi, I’ve just upgraded my iPhone from a 7 to a 13. I’ve downloaded the app again and it has synced to iCloud. However it says I need to restore subscription which I have done but it will not let me add flights. My subscription is valid until May next year. Please help.

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  • Hi timwestray

    It might be best to contact our support team with this issue as we can look up your account and ask some follow-up questions. Generally, you need to download LogTen from the App Store while logged into the same Apple ID of purchase. Then you need to log in to LogTen using the Coradine Account of purchase. The Apple ID and Coradine account are two separate account systems and do not necessarily need to be the same emails. If you are still having issues please Contact Support from within the Help menu in LogTen.

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  • Hello,
    I had a subscription which expired a couple years back. I can log into my account but don’t have any of the data that I had logged. How do I go about getting my logged data back and I then want to renew my subscription.

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  • Hi madhuri.telang

    All LogTen data is stored locally on your device or in a backup you created. Data is not stored in your Account. Your account is used for subscription purposes only. To get your old logbook you would need to either 1) have one of the devices that you used to use LogTen, or 2) have a backup of your data.

    Our Support staff can help with this process. I would suggest getting in touch with us directly by submitting a ticket from this page or emailing us at

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  • My company SkyWest Airlines is supposed to get a discount and I believe cadet programs offer free LogTen. How can I activate this with my current LogTen profile?

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  • Hi Brian

    Please email for the discount.

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  • I work for SkyWest and heard you could import your old flights into LogTen? Im able to export/download various files from my old schedules but cant find an import option. Im on an ipad. Do I need a better, paid version?

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  • Hi kddco89

    Importing files is only a feature of the Mac app. The Mac app does require the Pro tier subscription. If you do not use a Mac then you can reach out to our support team and see if they might be able to help get your past data into the app.

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