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The Settings menu on iPhone + iPad contains many options and settings which are used to customize and fully realize all the features available in LogTen. The Settings menu can either be found at the bottom of the app or within the More menu depending on your device and how you have it configured.


Within Settings there are 9 sections:

My Logbook

The My Logbook tab contains several general settings.


  • Typical Role = choosing a typical role will make fields visible that are common to the jobs listed. These are:
    • Student
    • General Aviation
    • Instructor
    • Commercial
    • Military
    • Airline First Officer
    • Airline Captain
    • Flight Attendant
  • Default Pay Rate = for more information, please see {link to Pay Rate Calculation}
    • Duty Pay Rate = pay rate that will be multiplied by Total Duty to determine earnings
    • Flight Pay Rate = pay rate that will be multiplied by Total Time + Push Time to determine earnings
    • Scheduled Pay Rate = pay rate that will be multiplied by Sched Total to determine earnings
    • Trip Pay RateThis will be multiplied by the total duration of the trip as determined by the Start and End times. In this example, a per diem rate was inputted to be calculated over the duration of a multi-day trip. Note: If you are paid a day rate, use the value of the day rate divided by 24
    • Trip Pay includes Flt Pay = toggle this on if flight pay is not added to trip pay.
  • New Flights as Pilot Flying = toggle this on if you want all new entries to have the PF  box checked.
  • Auto Fill Landings = here you can choose if you want takeoffs and landings auto-filled with a 1 on new entries. Options are:
    • Always = a takeoff and landing will always be auto-filled in new entries
    • Only when Pilot Flying = a takeoff and landing will be auto-filled in new entries when the PF checkbox is checked.
    • Never = a takeoff and landing will never be auto-filled
  • Save Photos to Camera Roll = toggle this on if you wish to have images taken within the LogTen Pro app to also be saved to your devices camera roll.
Time Calculations

The Time Calculations tab has options which relate to how time is used and displayed.

4.PNG    5.PNG

  • Calculate From = choose which type of times Total Time will be calculated from. If these fields are filled out, then Total Time will be automatically calculated. Choices are:
    • Out / In (From Block Out to Block In)
    • Hobbs (From Hobbs Out to Hobbs In)
    • Tach (From Tach Out to Tach In)
    • Taxi Start / Stop
    • Off / On
  • Deduct Relief from Total Time = toggle this on the have Relief time automatically subtracted from  Total Time. Please see Relief Time for more information.
  • Adjust Total Time By / Amount = add a number here if using Calculate From for Total Time, and you would like to increase or decrease that time by a specific amount for every entry. This can be set to adjust by Percent or Minutes.
  • Auto-Fill Times = here time fields can be selected to be automatically filled by Total Time.
  • Show Clock Time Auto-Fill Buttons = this will make buttons next to fields that can use the system clock time visible and usable. These include On / Off  and duty time fields.
  • Duty Time Defaults = for more information, please see {link to How to Log Duty Time}
    • Minutes Before Schd OutOn Duty will be filled with the Scheduled Out (Or Out if no Scheduled Out) minus this number.
    • Minutes After ArrivalOff Duty will be filled with the In time plus this number.
  • Flight Duty Time Defaults = for more information, please see {link to How to Log Duty Time}
    • Default to On Duty & Actual In = toggle this on to have the FDP Start and FDP End default to the same times as On Duty and In, respectively.
    • Minutes Before Schd Out FDP Start will be filled with the Scheduled Out (Or Out if no Scheduled Out) minus this number
    • Minutes After ArrivalFDP End will be filled with the In time plus this number.
Display Options

The  Display Options tab has settings that affect how information is viewed in LogTen.


  • Time Format = this will determine how time is displayed in LogTen. Be advised that changing the format can change times, due to mathematical constructs. However, the format can always be changed back and the original time is preserved.
    • Show hundredths = will display time in 0.00 format as opposed to 0.0.
  • Use Zulu (UTC) Time = toggle this on if you wish to enter and/or display times in UTC. This can be changed back and forth, but times must be entered according to what is set here.
  • Show All Dates and Times in = If Use Zulu (UTC) Time is not on, this drop-down list will appear. You can choose Local, which will use the time zone based on the Place associated with the time entry (i.e. From for a Block Out), or a specific time zone.
  • Application Theme = the coloring of LogTen Pro can be changed from light or dark here. It can also be set to change automatically based on time of day or to follow the settings of the iPhone + iPad system.
  • Theme Switch Gesture = toggle this on to have control over the application theme using a gesture.
  • Application Icon = choose the appearance of the LogTen app icon here.
  • Night Vision Warnings Disabled = LogTen Pro will automatically warn the user if proceeding to a screen with a brightness that may harm night vision. Toggle this on to have these warnings disabled.
  • Lat/Long Format = choose your preferred format for entering and viewing latitudes and longitudes.
  • Number of Recent Items = choose the number of "recents" which will be displayed in the pop-up list when filling out Aircraft, Types, Places, and People.
  • Preferred Identifiers
    • Places = choose which place identifier you would like to use for entries. Choices are:
      • Identifier
      • ICAO
      • IATA
      • Name
    • Aircraft = choose whether you want the Aircraft ID or Secondary ID used for entries.
    • Person = choose whether you want the Name or the ID of a Person to be used for entries.
  • Flight List = flight lists are under the logbook tab, and filtered flight lists are displayed in many other areas.
    • Show Crew = toggle this on to show the crew in the flight list entry
    • Show Date Index = toggle this on to have the flight list divided into months
    • Show BLock Instead of Total Time = toggle this on to have block time shown on the flight list.

The Backup tab is where manual backups of your LogTen are made. These backups contain your complete logbook including images and are stored in the cloud. You can choose between 2 cloud storage services, iCloud or Dropbox.


Tap the  symbol in the upper-right corner to create a new backup.

Tap the cloud download symbol to the right of the desired backup file to restore that backup.

To read complete instructions on our backup feature please visit our In-App Backup article with more information.


The Sync tab has all the settings for syncing your logbook over multiple devices.


Please see How to Sync for more information.


The  Notifications tab has settings for using automatic notifications pertaining to flights, duties, and certificates.


  • Future Flights = a notification will be displayed based on the Scheduled Out time of an entry.
    • Minutes Before to Notify = choose the amount of time before the flight that you wish to be notified.
  • Future Duty Periods = a notification will be displayed based on the On Duty time of an entry.
    • Minutes Before to Notify = choose the amount of time before the duty time that you wish to be notified.
  • Expiring Certificates = a notification will be displayed based on the expiration date of a certificate. For more information on Certificates, please see Overview of Certificates Tab on iPhone + iPad.
    • Days Before to Notify = choose the amount of time before the certificate expires that you wish to be notified.

The Account tab allows you to sign-up, login, and logout of your Coradine account.

12.PNG   13.PNG

If you are not signed in, you can enter your account information and tap Login. If you have forgotten your password, please tap Reset Password. Please see How to Reset your Password? for more information.

If you need to sign up for a Coradine account, tap Signup and complete the fields. Please see Creating a Coradine Account for more information.

If you are already signed into your Coradine account, you can logout by clicking the Logout button.

For more information on your Coradine account, please see Account & Subscriptions.


The Store tab is where subscriptions can be viewed and purchased.


  • Store = shows additional subscriptions that are available for LogTen.
  • Purchased = shows what subscription is currently active.
  • Restore Purchases = can be used to retrieve active subscriptions after a new login or when a new subscription becomes active.

You can also view the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service by tapping on each.

For more information on subscriptions, please see Account & Subscriptions.


The About tab has a variety of information and links.


  • Version = displays which version of LogTen Pro you are running. This information can be helpful when communicating with support.
  • Social = tap a social networking icon to connect with Coradine on the respective platform.
  • App Store Review = tap here to leave a review of LogTen in the App Store.
  • Sticker? = tap here to see how to get a LogTen sticker
  • Collect Statistics = decide whether you want the application analytics to be reported to Coradine for product improvement. This can also be helpful when troubleshooting issues with technical support.

You can also view the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service by tapping on each.

Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.


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