How to Create a Simple Smart Group on iPhone + iPad


In the following example, we will create a Smart Group to view Complex time. The same principles apply for whatever time you are trying to track.

It is important that the Aircraft first be configured properly for the Smart Group to work. Please see Overview of Aircraft Tab for iPhone + iPad for more information on setting up Aircraft. Pay particular attention to Customize Aircraft Attributes.

The Complex Smart Group is also available for download in the Complex, High Performance, and Tailwheel Time downloadable Smart Group article.

Follow these steps to create the Smart Group:


1. Navigate to the Radar tab and tape the + button in the upper-right corner. Choose "New Smart Group".

0.jpeg   1.PNG


2. Type in the desired name for the Smart Group (in this case "Complex").


The information in the date range is left blank to encompass all entries. You can choose inputs here if, for example,  you would like to see how much complex time you had in the last year. Total Time is left in the Display As field so that the total time from the entries is added up and shown.

3. Tap "Configure..." to begin telling the Smart Group what criteria you want.


4. Tap "Category" and choose "Aircraft", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

4.PNG   5.PNG

5. Tap "Key" and choose "Complex", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

6.PNG   7.PNG

6. Tap "Operator" and choose "is", then tap "Edit Criteria" to go back.

8.PNG   9.PNG

7. Make sure "Value" is toggled on, and tap "Back", and tap "Back" again to get to the Radar tab.

10.PNG   11.PNG

This criteria is telling the Smart Group to look for entries with Aircraft which have the Complex box checked, and to display the results as Total Time. 

The resulting group will appear in the Smart Group section of the Radar tab. The time next to the Complex Smart Group is the Total Time in all of these Aircraft:


You can tap on the Complex Smart Group to see additional break-downs of the Total Time of all entries with Aircraft that have the Complex button switched on:


Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen Pro issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.

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