How to Log Complex, High Performance, and Tailwheel, etc?


LogTen Pro comes with a database of thousands of aircraft Types based on ICAO aircraft type designators. This is helpful when setting up a new Aircraft. This data does not designate the aircraft as complex, high performance, or what it's gear configuration is.

You must properly set up your aircraft so that LogTen Pro knows what equipment and configurations the aircraft has. Then you can create Smart Groups to see how much time has been logged in aircraft with those attributes.

In the following example, a T6 Texan will be used since it is complex, high performance, and has a tailwheel configuration. Some aircraft types will only have one or two of these attributes. Complex, High Performance, and Tailwheel is used in this example because they are common times that pilots, and their insurance companies, are interested in. LogTen Pro comes with a variety of attributes you can choose from, such as Retractible or TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft). You can also create any custom attribute you like. The same basic principles of logging apply to all of these.

Setting Up on iPhone + iPad

If the Aircraft is already created, navigate to the Aircraft by tapping More > Aircraft and tapping on the Aircraft ID. Please review Overview of the Aircraft Tab for iPhone + iPad for more information on creating Aircraft.

Tap the ComplexHigh Performance, and Tailwheel buttons.


If one or more of these fields are not visible, please see Customize Aircraft Attributes to learn how to configure the section.

Setting Up on Mac

If the Aircraft is already created, navigate to the Aircraft by clicking on the Aircraft tab and clicking on the Aircraft. Please review Overview of Aircraft Tab for Mac for more information on creating Aircraft.

Click the ComplexHigh Performance, and Tailwheel boxes.


Viewing the Times

To view how much complex, high performance, or tailwheel time you have, you will need to create Smart Groups

3.PNG   4.png

You can download these Smart Groups here.

Or, you can learn to create your own by reading How to Create a Simple Smart Group on iPhone + iPad or How to Create a Simple Smart Group on Mac.

Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen Pro issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.

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