Airline reports that can be imported in bulk

Our Support staff can often help import years of data into LogTen. This can help you jumpstart your logbook. Here are some common airline data formats that we can usually work with.  


These reports are only useable for importing large amounts of previous data. It is not suitable for use with LogTen's Import from Schedule feature. Please see our Schedule Import Article here for more information on using our Schedule Import feature.

These are just a few examples, but please reach out to us regardless of your data format. We can take a look at your data and let you know if we can assist.


In AIMS, it is also possible to generate a report that contains your flights (past and/or future) in a list format. This is especially useful when importing a large volume of data into your logbook.

If you can export the Pilot Logbook Report as a CSV/Excel file this would be the best file to send us.

However, not all airlines allow for exporting this as a CSV. In these cases, you can send the PDF. Although historically we have not been able to convert PDFs, we have had some success converting this particular AIMS report.

Important Note - This report must be generated from a computer and not a mobile device. Mobile devices tend to ignore the normal page breaks which will corrupt the conversion of the PDF. For example, on a mobile device, the AIMS report page 1 and a portion of AIMS page 2 will be on the first page of the PDF and it will continue like this ignoring the normal page breaks which makes converting impossible. On a computer, the AIMS report will generate one AIMS page per PDF page. 

To generate this report:

  • Please log in to your AIMS portal and, in the top-left corner, click to bring up the main menu. 
  • Select the Pilot Logbook Report Option from the menu (the layout of the menu might differ depending on the specific airline and the version of AIMS running)
  • Select the data range for the report and click on Continue (Note: AIMS takes some time to generate these reports. We have found that the maximum amount of data that can be processed by AIMS before timing out is between 3 and 4 years)
  • Once the report has finished loading and it is fully generated, click on the printer icon at the top and save the file as a PDF. Send us the PDF.



A quick note about saving AIMS PDF files. Often, the PDF will end up splitting pages. For example pages one and 1/2 of page two will be on the first sheet. This can cause issues for us when trying to convert the PDF. It is much better if you can get the page breaks to line up. Often times changing the paper size to Legal will allow the report to fit 2 pages per sheet very cleanly. This can be adjusted in the Print options before saving the PDF. See an example below of how this would look using Apple Preview.


Pages are split as you can see above. This is with Letter sized paper


Using Legal Size paper allows 2 sheets per page.


SkedPlus allows you to export your data as a CSV file. Export your data in a CSV format and send it to us.


SkedPlus might limit exporting to a month at a time. Put all the monthly files into a single folder, Then compress (control+click) the folder. This will create a .zip file which you can send to us.


Often there is a report you can generate titled the Pilot Activity Report. If you have access to this report send it to us as a spreadsheet file (Excel or CSV).


Navigate to: DeltaNet → My Division → Popular Tools → MyPAS - Pilot Activity StatementSelect the month(s) you want to log and click “Export" then send us the exported Pilot Activity Statement.

Cathay Pacific
  1. Log in to IntraCX
  2. Go to Crew Direct
  3. Select Crew Admin
  4. Under Log Book Enquiry, choose Flight Log Book (or Simulator Log Book)
  5. Select Date Range 
  6. Click Submit
  7. Download the TXT file
  8. Send the TXT file to our support team and we will convert your file to CSV file format for import
    • For iOS users, we can import your data for you.
  9. For Mac users, you can import your data: Importing data files into LogTen
    • Additionally, you may want to know how to import your P2X time



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