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Duty time can be easily logged and tracked in LogTen. The Duty times can be found in the Duty section of the Logbook tab. Please see Configuring the Logbook tab on iOS and/or Overview of Preferences on Mac for more information on making these fields viewable. The Duty Fields discussed in the article are:

  • On Duty = time that duty began. 
  • Off Duty = time that duty ended.
  • Total Duty = the total time between On Duty and Off Duty.
  • FDP Start = the beginning of the Flight Duty Period
  • FDP End  = the end of the Flight Duty Period
  • Total FDP = the total time between FDP Start and FDP end
  • Rest Before Duty = Will be filled with the total time from the last Off Duty logged to the On Duty of this entry, showing the total rest time before this duty period.

Types of Duty Time

Two different types of Duty Time fields are available by default in LogTen Pro. Duty & FDP (Flight Duty Period). Below are the FAA definitions but depending on your specific regulations may be a bit different:

  1. Duty = Duty means any task that a flight crew member performs as required by the certificate holder, including but not limited to flight duty period, flight duty, pre-and post-flight duties, administrative work, training, deadhead transportation, aircraft positioning on the ground, aircraft loading, and aircraft servicing.
  2. Flight Duty Period (FDP)Flight duty period means a period that begins when a flight crew member is required to report for duty with the intention of conducting a flight, a series of flights, or positioning or ferrying flights, and ends when the aircraft is parked after the last flight and there is no intention for further aircraft movement by the same flight crew member. A flight duty period includes the duties performed by the flight crew member on behalf of the certificate holder that occur before a flight segment or between flight segments without a required intervening rest period. Examples of tasks that are part of the flight duty period include deadhead transportation, training conducted in an aircraft or flight simulator, and airport/standby reserve if the above tasks occur before a flight segment or between flight segments without an intervening required rest period.

The user can decide for themselves how to define and use Duty Time or FDP, and custom duty fields can always be used to create additional duty types.

However, for proper calculation, default duty times must follow this logic:

  1. Duty Time is always greater than the FDP. In other words, the FDP  takes place within the Duty Time window.
  2. On / Off and/or Out / In times must be equal to or less than the FDP

Learn how to auto-fill scheduled duty periods during or after importing your scheduled times!

Duty Auto Fill for scheduled times

Logging Duty Time

Two scenarios are possible when logging Duty Time:

  1. Encompassing multiple Legs within one Duty period
  2. Logging one entry per Duty period (whether for one leg or multiple legs).

1. Multiple legs within a Duty period

The On Duty time and/or FDP Start time should be logged in the first entry of the day: 

1.PNG   2.png

Log the Off Duty time and/or FDP End  time in the last  entry of the day:

3.PNG   4.png

Note that the Total Duty and Total FDP is only displayed on the last entry.

2. One Entry Per Duty period

When making only one entry per day, whether a single leg or multiple legs, enter the On / Off Duty times and/or FDP Start / End times in the same entry:

5.jpg   6.png

Rest Before Duty

If an Off Duty time had been logged on a previous entry, Rest Before Duty will automatically calculate when and On Duty time is entered on a new entry. This is only related to On / Off Duty, not FDP Start / EndRest Before Duty can also be manually deleted and inputted.

7.jpg   8.png

The Rest Before Duty field can be used for FAR 117, EASA OPS 1.111, and any other Rest requirement regulations. The default Rest currency group in LogTen uses this field as well.



Using Defaults

On / Off Duty and FDP Start / Stop can be automatically calculated based off Sched Out or Out and Sched In or In times. The amount of time difference between these is set by the user.

In the settings below, the On Duty time will default to 60 minutes before the Sched Out (or Out time, if entered), and the Off Duty time will default to 30 minutes after the Sched On (or On time, if entered). The FDP Start time will default to 60 minutes before the Sched Out (or Out time, if entered), and the FDP End time will default to 0 minutes after the Sched On (or On time, if entered):


The iPhone + iPad app has an additional option to have the FDP Start and FDP End default to the same times as On Duty and In, respectively:


Auto filling with Defaults

To auto-fill the fields with the default on iPhone + iPad, tap the clock time auto-fill button next to the field:


To auto-fill the fields with the default on Mac, tap the space bar once the cursor is in the field:



Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to Help > Contact Support




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