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The People tab is located in the Logbook menu. It is where all of the people used in the logbook are managed and edited. The People database includes any name you enter into the Crew section of LogTen Pro such as PIC/P1, SIC/P2, Instructor, Student, Passenger, Examiner, etc. The entries in your People tab can also sign your logbook digitally. Please see Getting My Logbook and Endorsements Signed in LogTen for more information on digital signatures.


Adding a New Person

Besides adding a person by entering them in the logbook Crew section, you can also manually add a new person. Go to Logbook > People and tap the  in the upper-right corner. The People tab can also be accessed whenever editing a field in the logbook Crew field (such as PIC/P1 Crew), and a new person can be added in this way as well.


Tap the camera icon in the upper-left corner to add an image of the person. Fill out the information that is applicable to that person. 

  • Name = Write the name of the person.
  • ID = Write the person's ID, if desired. This could be an employee ID, a CFI certificate number, etc. The preferred identifier for People can be changed in More > Settings > Display Options.
  • Organization = Type the organization the person is associated with such as an Airline, Flight School, etc.
  • Type = Indicate the type of certificate or capacity.
  • This is Me = Turn this on if this person is you. This will place this name on the cover page of many reports.
  • Email = Type the email of the person, if desired.
  • Phone = Type the phone number of the person if desired.
  • Comment = Add any comments here, if desired.

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  • Favorite = Turn this on to bring this person to the top of the list when entering the crew.
  • Default SIC = Turn this on to have this person automatically filled out in the SIC/P2 Crew field.
  • Default PIC = Turn this on to have this person automatically filled out in the PIC/P1 Crew field.



As flights are logged with a person in a particular capacity (PIC, SIC, Pax, etc.), these flights can be quickly viewed by tapping on Flights As. Tap on the map in the upper-right corner to see a map of the flights of this person in the selected capacity.

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Tap on Certificates... to see Certificates associated with this person. Please see Overview of Certificates Tab on iPhone + iPad for more information on Certificates.

Configuring Fields

Fileds can be made viewable or not viewable in the People tab. Navigate to a Person, and then tap on the ... in the upper-right corner. Tap on Configure Fields. Then, tap on Configure Section...

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Turn OFF or ON any fields that you wish to make not viewable or viewable. Tap Back when complete. 

You can re-order the fields by tapping and dragging on the right side of the field. When complete, tap Done.

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People Sharing

You can quickly share the People data with yourself or another LogTen user by right-clicking on the aircraft and choosing the desired sharing method. Please see Share Flights, Aircraft, People, Groups, and more... for more information on sharing people.

Deleting People

To delete a person, swipe to the left on the Place in the Places tab. Confirm deletion after reading the warning. 

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Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.

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