Logging Approaches

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Approaches are logged in entries in the Logbook tab

Scroll down to the Operations section until you see  Approach 1. You can configure the Operations section to show up to 10 Approach fields. Please see Configuring your Logbook for more information.


Logging Approaches

Tap on  Approach 1 and you will be taken to the approach logging tab. Only the quantity is required to be filled out in order to log an approach in LogTen.

The section has four parts:

  1. Quantity
  2. Approach Type
  3. Runway
  4. Airport

LogTen Makes logging easier! The quantity automatically defaults to "1" making this field auto-filled for most of your logging situations. Additionally, if you enter an Approach into an entry that already has the From & To fields populated, LogTen will automatically fill the To airport into the Approach Airport field.


This is the number of times that the approach was made. For example, if you performed an ILS approach 3 times to the same runway at the same place, you can type 3 in Quantity as opposed to using the Approach 1Approach 2, and Approach 3 fields to log multiple quantities of the same approach.


Approach Type

Choose the type of approach made here. Many different types of precision and non-precision approaches are available by default. If the type of approach desired is not listed, type it into the Custom field.



The runway used for the Approach can be entered into this field. For approaches with no runway assigned, type in other identification if desired - for example, "A" or "B". 



Tapping on Airport will take you to the Places tab. Choose the airport that the approach was made to, or add a new one if this place has not been added yet. 


Data Format

The Approach 1 field will now be filled out with the approach data. The data is always in the same format in the Logbook tab: Quantity; Approach Type; Runway; Airport.


Deleting Approaches

To delete an approach, swipe left on the approach field and tap Clear.


Smart Groups

This approach data is used in the default Instrument currency group in LogTen. Please see Harnessing the power of Smart Groups for more information.



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