Logging Pay and Earnings

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iOS Default Pay Rates

  • Unlike the Mac app which has Pay Rates under People, the iOS settings are under More >> Settings >> My Logbook



  • Aircraft Types Hourly Pay Rate is also under specific Aircraft Type. You will need to configure the display field to make the Hourly Pay Rate field visible. 


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  • 👎🏻 Not helpful. I am on a continous duty, 4 day longhaul trip with an hourly rate wether I fly or not. How do I fill my logbook out for log ten to calculate my earnings?

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  • Hi Nickgixer

    The Trip section of LogTen should be able to accomodate this. You can create a 4 day trip and assign an hourly rate for the duration of the Trip. See: https://support.coradine.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047858834-Trips-Tab

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  • Still not helpful Thomas. Let me suggest an example. I fly to Dakar africa and have a 48 hr layover. Only two legs of flying i get paid my hourly rate. However I don't just get paid my per diem (which can change based on location) but also my guaranteed rate of 5:15 mins per day while not flying. Is there a way to do this in Logten? Because I have yet to figure it out.

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  • Hi Andrew

    You could put an hourly rate in for your 48-hour layover, then you can choose to "Include Flight Pay" into your Trip total. But if your hourly rate is variable that sounds like it might be a bit more complex than the app can handle. I would suggest making a support request with your exact needs so we can include it in our feature requests.

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