Logging Pay and Earnings



  • Currency Symbol is based on your device settings. 
    • The case below is using British Pound (£)


Pay Rate Settings

  • On the Mac, go to Preferences >> Duty >> Duty Periods >> Pay
  • In this Pay section, you can choose the Pay fields visible on your Logbook tab
    • Available Fields: "Schedule Rate", "Duty Rate", "Total Rate", "Flight Rate"


  • Scheduled Rate: Based on your Scheduled OUT and Scheduled IN time
  • Duty Rate: Based on your On Duty and Off Duty time
  • Flight Rate: Based on your OUT and IN time
  • Total Earnings: Calculated Earnings
    • You can modify any of these fields manually per entry, or using the default rates option (see below)
    • The calculation is based on
      • Duty Earnings (Duty Rate x Duty Hours) + Flight Earning (Total Time x Flight Rate), or
      • Duty Earnings (Duty Rate x Duty Hours) + Scheduled Earning (Scheduled Total Time x Scheduled Rate)


Default Rates

  • Each entry pay rate can be different. You can set up the rate based on that particular entry.
  • If you set up the default rates, when you add a new logbook entry, this default rate will copy to your new entry
    • To activate the default pay rate:
      • Go to People Tab
      • Find your name
      • Choose the option "This is me"
      • Default Hourly Pay Rates option will be visible


For the Trip pay rate function, please refer to 

Overview of Trips Tab for Mac / Overview of Trips Tab for iPhone + iPad


Pay Rate by Aircraft Type

  • You can set up a different rate for a specific aircraft type
  • Go to Types tab >> Select the specific Aircraft Type >> find Hourly Pay Rate option
  • When you enter this aircraft type on the new logbook entry, this hourly pay rate will copy to the "Flight Rate" field on the new entry.




iOS Default Pay Rates

  • Unlike Mac app which has Pay Rates under People, the iOS settings is under More >> Settings >> My Logbook



  • Aircraft Types Hourly Pay Rate is also under specific Aircraft Type. You will need to configure the display field to make the Hourly Pay Rate field visible. 


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