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The Plan tab in LogTen is used to quickly track currency, duty, rest, and certificates at any point in time. 

Towards the top of the screen is the Dynamic Time LoupeCurrency GroupsLimit Groups, and Certificates that expire are listed below the Dynamic Time Loupe.


Dynamic Time Loupe

Flight, Duty, and Rest periods are graphically displayed at the top of the screen in the Dynamic Time Loupe. 

  • Duty time is shown in purple.
  • Flight time is shown in blue.
  • Rest time is shown in grey numbers between Off Duty and On Duty times.

Drag the time loupe to the left or right to see data that was current at the selected time. Tap Now in the upper-right corner to return to the current time. 

In the below example, Rest can be seen increasing (under time) as the pointer is scrolled over the rest period in the time loupe. When the pointer arrives at the purple Duty, Duty Period is displayed (under time) and total duty time begins to increase. Flight changes to display the Route once the pointer crosses over an actual or scheduled flight, and flight time begins counting up. 


Use two fingers to zoom in or out on the Dynamic Time Loupe if desired.


Currency GroupsLimit Groups, and Certificates

Below the Dynamic Time LoupeCurrency GroupsLimit Groups, and Certificates are listed. Tapping on any Currency or Limit group will expand the selected group to display additional information. All items are automatically sorted by priority so that those most urgent appear first (at the top). The priority is determined by color first, then by the percentage of time remaining. The color is determined by the following:

Currency & Limit Groups = Defined by the color thresholds within each group that are defined by the user. 

Certificates = Hardcoded into LogTen. Red < 30 days, Yellow 30-90, then Green.

Limit Groups

In the example below, the 100 hours in 672 hours (28 days) Limit Group is shown in a graphical format. The red "Limit" line is shown. 29.8 hours are left before the limit is exceeded. 70.2 hours have been flown in the period, counting towards the limit. Tapping on the Information icon ("i" in a circle) will display a list of all the entries which are being captured in the group's criteria.

5.PNG   6.PNG

Tapping Edit will display the criteria for the group. This group shows orange because the group color threshold settings are set to display orange between 16 - 30 hours remaining. Please see Smart Groups for more information on creating and editing these criteria.

7.PNG   8.jpeg

Currency Groups

In the example below, the Night Currency Group shows how many days until, and the date of, expiration. It also shows the current status of the required criteria - in this case, Night Ldg. Tapping on Edit allows editing of the criteria.

9.PNG   10.PNG

The Instrument currency group has multiple criteria and displays how many days until, and the date of, expiration for each. In the example below, the Hold and the Approaches that are counting towards currency took place in different calendar months. You can see the Holds is the limiting criteria for the group and that is what is being reflected int he circle.  Tapping on Edit allows editing of the criteria.

  11.PNG    12.PNG


Certificates created in the Certificates tab that expire are listed on the Plan page.

Here a medical certificate has been created, and it has expired and is annunciated in red. Tapping on the Information icon will display the certificate entry.

13.PNG   14.PNG

In the following example, a certificate to track the pitot/static inspection of an Aircraft has been created.

15.PNG   16.PNG

Creating and Deleting Groups

To create a new group, tap the + symbol in the upper-left corner. Tap on the type of group you wish to create. You will be taken into the group criteria. Please see Smart Groups for more information on creating groups. To delete a group, tap Analyze on the slider at the top, then swipe to the left on the group and tap Delete.

17.PNG   18.PNG

More information is available on the Plan tab in the LogTen: Helping pilots track currency, duty & rest video.

Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to Help > Contact Support.

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