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Analyze tab in LogTen is used to quickly see different types of time in the logbook. The data is automatically broken down with common constants such as calendar time periods and regulatory limitations. This is also where Smart Groups are created and viewed. 

Analyze is divided into the LogbookSmart GroupsCurrencies, and Limits sections.


Tap Radar at the bottom of the screen. The Logbook section is the first section in the tab. The logbook data is viewable here with common time periods as a constant. All Entries are also viewable. These fields are static and therefore not editable.


Tapping on  All Entries displays the totals for the entire logbook. In this example, there are 3255 flights logged for a total of 7754.9 hours. You can tap on Show Map to view a map of the flights. Many different types of time are further broken down. The times in grey are static and will automatically appear if such time exists in your logbook for the group chosen. The colored times below, are representative of the times you have chosen to configure to display in the Logbook tab.

3.PNG   4.PNG

Scrolling down, you will see the All Entries group further broken down by aircraft type. You can move a particular type to the top of the list by tapping on the Star. Selecting the Star will also activate the Favorite button within the Types tab. At the bottom of the list, you will see the Landings and Operations sections. This displays the totals for the selected group - All Entries in this case.

5.jpeg   6.PNG

Smart Groups

The next section lists all Smart Groups that have been created in the logbook. For more information on creating and using Smart Groups, please see the Smart Groups section of the support website.

In this example, a Smart Group was created to display Jet PIC time. All of the same information that was shown in the All Entries group is displayed - as it will be for all groups.

7.PNG   8.PNG

You can tap where the flights and total time are displayed to view a list of all the entries that are part of that group.



The Currencies groups are listed next. Several commonly used Currencies come loaded with LogTen and more can be created to track any default or custom data fields in the app. The number to the right of the group title displays the amount of time remaining until this currency expires. In this example, there are 66 days remaining until Day currency expires. We can see the criteria of the group by tapping the Information icon to the right of the remaining number. 

10.PNG   12.jpeg

Tapping on the Day currency group will display data associated with entries that met the requirements for inclusion in the group. In this example, 4 flights met the criteria to count toward Day currency. We can see that 100% of these entries took place in a B737.



Limit groups are most often used to verify compliance with regulatory duty and flight time limits. Viewing these groups follows the same principle as the other groups on the Radar: Analyze tab. In addition to the default Limit groups which come with LogTen, there are more available in Downloadable Duty and Limit Groups.

13.PNG   14.PNG

Creating and Arranging Groups

To create a new group, tap the + symbol in the upper-left corner. Tap on the type of group you wish to create. You will be taken into the group criteria. Please see Smart Groups for more information on creating groups.

15.PNG   16.PNG

To re-arrange the order of the groups, tap Edit in the upper-right corner, and drag the group to the spot you would like it in. Tap  Done when complete. To delete a group, swipe to the left on the group and tap Delete.

17.jpeg   18.PNG

More information is available on the Analyze tab in the LogTen: Analyze video.

Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to Help > Contact Support.

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