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Working alongside the individual entries in your logbook, Trips can be used to group a collection of entries or record a separate event not related to your flying or duty. Create a trip entry for your time away from base to record per diem and total pay, or record expenses on a business trip.

Adding a New Trip

To create a new trip, go to More > Trips and tap on the + in the upper-right corner. 1.PNG   2.PNG

The Start and End dates and times should encompass all of the logbook entries you want to be included in the trip. Once set, the total hours and legs will be shown at the top of the screen. You can tap on the camera icon to the left to add a picture from the trip.

3.PNG   4.PNG

Choose the trip Type.

5.PNG   6.PNG

Fill out the additional fields as applicable.

ID = This field can be used if there is a number associated with the trip.

Name = Fill in a passenger, crew, or trip name.

From / To = Fill in the departure point and final destination of the trip.

Notes = This field can be used to write any applicable notes.


Configure Fields

To make the information fields you want visible, tap the Action Button (3 dots upper-right) and choose Configure Fields. Choose the fields you wish to make visible. You can also tap on the Custom fields and type in whatever you want. When finished tap Back.

7.PNG   8.PNG

Earnings and Expenses

If desired, fill in an Hourly Rate. This will be multiplied by the total duration of the trip as determined by the Start and End times. In this example, a per diem rate was inputted to be calculated over the duration of a multi-day trip. Note: If you are paid a day rate, use the value of the day rate divided by 24


Expenses can be added to the trip. To add an expense, tap Expenses then tap the  in the upper-right corner.

11.png   12.PNG

Fill out the expense fields as applicable. The total expenses will be deducted from Total Earnings and the result will be displayed in Net Earnings.

13.PNG   14.PNG

Flight List

All logbook entries associated with the trip are quickly accessible by tapping the field at the very bottom of the screen that lists how many flights have been made.  

16.PNG   17.PNG

To view a map of the trip, tap on the flights... and then tap the map symbol in the upper-right corner.

19.png   20.PNG



Certain reports in LogTen are designed to use the data from the Trips tab

  • Expense report (Found in Reports > Summaries)*
  • Trips report (Found in Reports > Summaries)
  • Jeppesen Pro Trip Log 27 report (Found in Reports > Logbooks > USA)

*the Expense report only uses the data from the Trips tab Expenses field. It does not include the Expenses field found in the Notes section of the Logbook

Other Options

You can share the Trip with other LogTen users by right-clicking on the Type and choosing which delivery method you would like to use. To delete the trip, go back to the Trips tab and swipe left on the trip.

15.PNG   18.jpeg

Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support

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