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How to use Smart Groups 


Audit your logbook with LogTen Pro's pre-built Audit Groups

Download the groups here *

* you may need to restart the app after installing for the groups to appear.



  • Total no Seat = This group will display entries that have Total time logged without any PIC / SIC / P1u/s / Dual Rcvd logged.
  • No Total / No Sim = This group will show entries without Total or Sim logged. Just verify that these are correct and do not need seat time logged. 
  • Simulator = This group will display entries that have Simulator time logged
  • PIC = This group will display entries that have PIC time logged
  • SIC = This group will display entries that have SIC time logged
  • Dual Rcvd = This group will display entries that have Dual Rcvd time logged
  • P1u/s = This group will display entries that have P1u/s time logged

Compare the times displayed to all of the other column totals:


This will be useful in identifying:

  • Seat Totals not equalling Total time.
  • Entries with duplicate seat times logged. 
  • Simulator logged with seat and/or Total time.
  • Entries with missing Total or Seat time.

If the times do not add up correctly then you can use the Fixed Date Range to analyze the group by year then month then day. If the error covers multiple years, cut the years in half. See if the error is in the 1st half or 2nd half. Then cut it in half again until you find the single year. Then narrow the months down until you find the month which holds the error. If needed, you can go further down to the day, but often it can be identified sooner. 

Years to Year

Screen_Shot_2020-04-25_at_12.43.04_AM.png Screen_Shot_2020-04-25_at_12.43.23_AM.png

Months to Month

Screen_Shot_2020-04-25_at_12.43.42_AM.png Screen_Shot_2020-04-25_at_12.43.56_AM.png

Days to Day

Screen_Shot_2020-04-25_at_12.44.08_AM.png Screen_Shot_2020-04-25_at_12.44.35_AM.png

Then just reset your group to Dynamic Date Range to view the full date range again. Once that group adds up move no the next one and repeat.


If you log multiple seat times in the same entry you may need to isolate each seat time then add a new group that is only the combined seat times. For example, if you log SIC & P1u/s in the same entry then you would first want to isolate each time separately:

Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_11.59.48_PM.png Screen_Shot_2020-04-25_at_12.01.06_AM.png

  • SIC only = This group will display entries that have only SIC time logged without any P1u/s logged.
  • P1u/s only = This group will display entries that have only P1u/s time logged without any SIC logged.

Then you can create a separate group for the combined fields:


  • SIC & P1u/s only =  This group will display entries that have both SIC & P1u/s time logged only.


Here are some other pre-built groups you can download:

Downloadable Regional Currency & Limit Groups 


Of course, if you have any questions at all please contact our Support Team by selecting Submit a Request on this page. Or you can contact us with the app by going to Help > Contact Support.














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