Covid-19 update


This is an uncertain and scary time for everyone. The aviation industry, in particular, is changing rapidly and dramatically and we are monitoring the situation closely. Many of us at Coradine are professional pilots ourselves and have experienced the impacts personally.

What we have found over the years is that downtime is often when pilots need their logbook data the most. Whether you need to get your data together to start the application process, or you need to keep up to date on your Currency status, we want you to know that our Support team is here and ready to help. 
If you have recently been laid off or if your airline has stopped operating this is a critical time to get your data out of your company airline system while you still have access. We encourage you to send us any data you can get and we will help format and import it into LogTen Pro for you with or without a subscription.  A few examples of the kinds of data we can convert are:
  • AIMS

    • Send us the Pilot Logbook Report as a PDF file. This can usually be found in e-Crew under the Info menu.


  • SkedPlus

    • SkedPlus allows you to export your data as a CSV file. Save your data in a CSV format and send it to us.


  • Delta

    • Navigate to: DeltaNet → My Division → Popular Tools → MyPAS - Pilot Activity StatementSelect the month(s) you want to log and click “Export" then send us the exported Pilot Activity Statement. 


  • Sabre

    • Often there is a report you can generate titled the Pilot Activity Report. If you have access to this report send it to us as a spreadsheet file (Excel or CSV).


These are just a few examples, but please reach out to us regardless of your data format. Whether you are an existing LogTen Pro user, or you are a new user looking for a place to collect your data we can help. 

We also want to emphasize to our existing users that you will never lose access to your data regardless of subscription status. There are definitely advantages to keeping your subscription auto-renewing; the biggest being that your price level stays the same every year. If you were to cancel and resubscribe you would have to pay current prices at the time of renewal.

Regardless of subscription status, you will always:

  •  Have full access to your current data
  •  Have the ability to run and save all the Reports
  •  Receive all App updates
  •  Have unlimited access to our Support team


You can contact our support team by selecting Submit a request a the top of this page. Or you can send us a message within the LogTen Pro by going to Help > Contact Support.



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