Certificates tab on Mac


Any type of Certificate or Endorsement can be logged and tracked in LogTen Pro's Certificates tab. These could include but are not limited to:

  • Airman Certificates
  • Medical Certificates
  • Type Ratings
  • Endorsements (such as high performance, tailwheel, or endorsements for solo and flight and knowledge exams). 

Adding a New Certificate

To create a new certificate on Mac, click the Certificates tab in the top middle of the screen and then click the in the bottom-left corner of the screen.


Click on Type to choose the type of certificate. You can also write in anything you want if the default items do not apply.


Click on the Date and choose the day on which the certificate was issued.


Click on Expires if the certificate expires. You will then be able to choose an expiry date. Once chosen, the days until expiration will be shown.


Click on the Description field to write the name of the certificate. 

Other Information

Other optional information includes:

  • Pilot Choose the pilot associated with the certificate, who can be edited via the People tab.
  • Endorsed By If endorsed by an instructor, choose them for this field. They may be edited via the People tab.
  • Aircraft Type Choose the aircraft type associated with the certificate, if applicable.
  • Details Write any additional details about the certificate. If you click Load Endorsement, you will be able to choose from over 70 pre-loaded endorsements which will populate in the Details field once chosen. You can then edit the Details to include specifics such as certificate number where applicable.


  • Limitations Write any additional limitations on the certificate.

You can add a photo of the certificate by dragging and dropping the image into the field at the bottom.


Relevant Certificates

You can associate logbook entries with a specific certificate and it will populate in the list to the right in the Certificates tab. First, select one or multiple entries in the Logbook tab. Then navigate to the Certificates tab, select the certificate you would like to associate the flight with, and click the plane with the + next to it in the bottom left corner.


The entry will now populate to the list of associated flights when that certificate is selected. Click Default on new flights to have that certificate automatically associated with all new flights.


You can also see which certificates are associated with a flight in the Logbook tab if Relevant Certificates is selected to display. To display Relevant Certificates go to Preferences > Notes > Standard and check the Relevant Certificates box. 


If you need to disassociate any flight or flights from a Certificate you can do so using the Relevant Certificates field within the Logbook tab  by selecting the certificate then selecting the minus ("-") button.


Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen Pro issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.



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