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The Aircraft tab is used to add and manage all of the individual aircraft in the logbook. It is important that the aircraft be set up correctly to ensure accurate reporting. LogTen Pro cross-references data associated with each aircraft to determine many different types of time.

Adding a New Aircraft

To add a new aircraft, click on the Aircraft tab and then click the  in the lower left-hand corner. You can also manually fill out the Aircraft ID field in a new entry in the Logbook tab. Any new aircraft ID entered from the Logbook tab will automatically be added to the Aircraft tab database


Aircraft Data Fields
  • You can drag and drop an image above the aircraft information fields.
  • Type the aircraft identification into the Aircraft ID  field.
  • You can also have a Secondary ID, such as an airline's fleet number. 


  • Enter in the aircraft's Type. As you begin typing, a pop-up list will display preloaded Types that you can select. LogTen Pro uses the ICAO aircraft type designators for its Type database. Green text indicates that this aircraft type has been used before, while the greyed text is types that have not yet been used. If you are entering a new type, it will automatically be added to the list in the Types tab. If you choose a type from the preloaded ICAO database, information such as Category and Class will automatically be filled out in the Types tab. You can also type in any type identifier you want, but be sure to complete all of the information in the Types tab later to ensure accurate reporting.


Hobbs and Tachometer Times

If you plan on using the Hobbs and/or Tachometer times, LogTen Pro will automatically keep track of the last entered value for each Aircraft. These times will automatically populate in the Hobbs Out and Tach Out fields when this aircraft is chosen in a logbook entry. The Hobbs In and Tach In fields in a logbook entry will automatically be recorded into the Hobbs and Tachometer fields in the Aircraft Tab. If you ever need to reset these times it must be done from the Aircraft tab. See Correcting a Hobbs or Tach time for further instructions.

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Other fields include:

  • Favorite = Check this box to keep this aircraft at the top of the pop-up list when filling in the Aircraft ID field in a new logbook entry. You can also use this to sort by favorites in the Aircraft Tab.
  • Default = Check this box to have this aircraft automatically populate in new logbook entries.
  • Notes = This field can be used to record any other information about the aircraft.
Aircraft Attributes

LogTen Pro allows you to assign many attributes that are specific to the Aircraft ID. 

The app comes preloaded with several checkboxes that can be assigned to each Aircraft ID. Attributes such as Complex, Pressurized, Tailwheel, Retractable, etc. can be assigned with a single click. Check the box if the equipment or configuration applies. 

There are also 5 custom checkboxes you can use to add your own attributes. You can rename all the custom checkbox titles by clicking the title.

Below the checkboxes are text fields with more aircraft attributes such as Owner, Serial Number, Year, etc. Enter the attributes that apply to that aircraft.

There are also 5 custom text fields you can use to add your own attributes. You can rename all the custom text field titles by clicking the title.

Once you have your aircraft set up,  you can use Smart Groups to easily track time (or other data) associated with these attributes. See How do I see my time for MEL, SEL, High Performance, Tailwheel, etc.? for more in info. 

Note: The Aircraft Type tab will determine attributes such as Category (Aircraft, Simulator), Class (SEL, SEL), and Engine Type (Reciprocating, Jet). 

Image_6.png   Image_7.png

Events (Inspections, Logs, Ect.)

Aircraft maintenance items can be logged and tracked in the Events section. 

To create a new event, click on the in the Events section. Choose the event type. In this example, it will be the pitot/static inspection. Enter the date of the inspection, and the date it expires. The days remaining will be updated as time goes by. You can also enter additional Details and the name of the Inspector.

Image_8.png   Image_9.png

Time-limited events can be logged as well. Below, we will log a 100-hour inspection:

Click on the text of the Certificate Type in order to edit the name if the default listed items do not apply. Fill out the Tachometer time at the time of the inspection, and the Tach Interval when the inspection is due again. The Hours Left will be updated based on Tach In entries in the Logbook Tab.

Image_10.png   Image_11.png

To delete an event, select the event and click on thesymbol.

Entries List

As logbook entries are made using the aircraft, these will be displayed on the right side of the window.


Search and Summary

You can search for an aircraft by Aircraft IDType, Operator etc. using the Search bar on the bottom of the window. When an aircraft is selected, and a summary of hours and flights is also displayed.


Aircraft Lookup and Sharing

The selected aircraft can be quickly searched on national registries, Google, and by clicking the gear icon in the bottom-left corner. You can also right-click the aircraft to see the same options.


You can quickly share the aircraft data with yourself or another LogTen Pro user by right-clicking on the aircraft and choosing the desired sharing method.


Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen Pro issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to Help > Contact Support.

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