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The Aircraft tab is found in the Logbook menu on the iOS app. It is used to add and manage all of the individual aircraft in the logbook. It is important that the aircraft be set up correctly to ensure accurate reporting. LogTen cross-references data associated with each aircraft to determine many different types of time.



Adding a New Aircraft

To add a new aircraft, go to Logbook > Aircraft and tap the  in the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can arrive on the same page by tapping the Aircraft ID field in any new entry.


Type the identification of the aircraft in Aircraft ID. Tap on Type and choose the aircraft's type from your Aircraft Types database which will appear. If you have not added this Type before, tap on the in the upper right corner and add the type. Please see Managing Your Aircraft Types for more information. 


Customize Aircraft Attributes

LogTen allows you to assign many attributes that are specific to the Aircraft ID. On iOS, you can choose which fields to display (or not display) within the Aircraft tab

If the attribute is not viewable by default, select the Action Button (3 dots upper right) and then Configure Fields. A Configure Section... will appear. Select this and choose which fields you would like to make viewable. There are also 10 custom fields you can use to add your own attributes. 5 slider (checkbox) fields and 5 text fields. You can rename all the custom field titles by clicking the title.

Select Back when you are done.



Choose the attributes that apply to that aircraft. In the below King Air 200 example, we have chosen ComplexHigh Performance, Retractable, and Pressurized.

Once you have your aircraft set up,  you can use Smart Groups to easily track time (or other data) associated with these attributes. See How do I see my time for MEL, SEL, High Performance, Tailwheel, etc.? for more info. 

Note: The Aircraft Type tab will determine attributes such as Category (Aircraft, Simulator), Class (SEL, SEL), and Engine Type (Reciprocating, Jet). 



Other Options
  • Favorite = Check this box to keep this aircraft at the top of the pop-up list when filling in the Aircraft ID field in a new logbook entry. You can also use this to sort by favorites in the Aircraft Tab.
  • Default = Check this box to have this aircraft automatically populate in new logbook entries.
Flight List

All logbook entries associated with the aircraft are quickly accessible by tapping the field at the very bottom of the screen that lists how many flights have been made.


Additional assistance with this or any other LogTen issue is available here or by contacting support in the app by going to More > Help > Contact Support.

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