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Instrument Time: IFR vs Actual Inst what's the difference?

There are two separate time fields in LogTen which can sometimes cause confusion: the IFR and Actual Inst fields.

  • Actual Inst is used to log time flying in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). This time will be shown in an "Actual Instrument" or "Instrument" column in many US logbook styles. Canada, Australia and New Zealand also use Actual Instrument time.
  • IFR is used to log time when operating under Instrument Flight Rules. This time will be shown in the "IFR" or "Instrument" column of many European logbook styles. EASA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and South Africa also use IFR time.

If you are unsure of which type of time you should be logging, you should seek guidance from a qualified instructor or aviation governing authority in your location.

To configure the fields on the iPad + iPhone, open any flight in your logbook, and tap the Action button (3 dots top right) then select Configure Fields. Tap Configure section... in the Time section. Then you can select or deselect Actual Inst and IFR.


To configure fields on LogTen for Mac, Go to the LogTen menu at the top of the screen, and select Preferences. Go to the Time category, and there you can select or deselect Actual Inst and IFR (note: even if data is not displayed, it is still saved).


Below is an example of the Jeppesen Pro Pilot Log 13 with Actual Inst in the Actual Instrument column. This report is available in Reports > Logbooks > USA


Below is an example of the EASA-FCL Compliant 16 with IFR in the IFR column. This report is available in Reports > Logbooks > Europe.


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