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Starting in LogTen Pro "Dakota", viewing your logbook on the iOS app just got easier. You can now view your activity on a Monthly Calendar. 


Go to the Logbook tab on iOS and click the Calendar icon in the top right corner. A monthly view of your logbook will display.

IMG_057952BCE6CF-1.jpeg   IMG_1F56B3D42E59-1.jpeg

 How it works:

  • Any day with a Dot indicates a logbook entry on that day. Multiple entries in a day will still display a single dot.

  • A Long dash spanning days (28-29 October in the above example) indicates a flight that crosses midnight. 

  • The highlighted day (30 September in the above example) indicates current day.

  • When a day is selected in the Calendar (15 October in the above example) the flight list below will scroll to show that day.

  • If a day is selected with no flights (no dot) the flight list will scroll to the nearest flight after the selected day.

  • The Calendar months can be scrolled by swiping up and down.

  • The Calendar will also work in conjunction with the Date Index on the the right side of the flight list. Simply scroll your finger up and down over the Date Index years and the Calendar view will scroll as well. 


If you do not see the Date Index you can display it by going to More > Settings > Display Options > Show Date Index. 


As always, please contact our Support Team if you have any questions at all. 


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