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The Relief time field will automatically be deducted from the Total Time field, allowing you to easily log Long-Haul flying. On iOS, there are 3 quick time percentage time split buttons to make logging even faster. You can select from 2/3, 1/2, and 1/3. If those percentages are not what you need, then you can manually enter any value into the Relief field and it will still auto-deduct from Total time.

  • Please note: the quick percentage time split buttons are not editable and they are only on the iOS app. 


Logging Relief on iOS:

Let's take a look at a sample flight from Los Angeles - Hong Kong:

The first step is to make sure your logbook is configured to display the Relief field. If you do not see it in your logbook go into any flight and select the Action button (3 dots upper right). Then Configure Fields > Configure Section (under Time) > Relief > select ON

The Relief field will display 3 quick percentage time split buttons. For this example, we will select the 1/3 button. When selected, Relief populates 1/3 of Total time and enters the value in the Relief field. Simultaneously the Relief value will deduct from Total time. Additionally, all of the auto-fill times (SIC, IFR) will also reduce to match Total time

IMG_DE3C838C7532-1.jpeg      IMG_3FBB3AE7299C-1.jpeg


If for any reason you need to undo the relief time, just delete the time from the Relief field and all the other fields will revert back to their previous times. 

IMG_EC3CF789190A-1.jpeg    IMG_DC2AAB1A5C72-1.jpeg

If you do not want your Relief Time to be deducted from Total Time (such as with Balance Forward Entries),

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open LogTen and go to More > Settings > Time Calculations > Deduct Relief from Total Time > Deselect.

As always, please contact our Support Team if you have any questions at all. 

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