iOS 13 compatibility issue



Before you update to iOS 13

Please note that there is a known issue when saving a report as a PDF on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 13. We are currently working hard to make LogTen Pro fully compatible with iOS 13 and an update will be coming out shortly which fixes this issue. If you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13 while still running LogTen Pro 8.1.1 or earlier, you may notice the following issues after saving a report as a PDF:

  • Fonts may vary
  • Line heights may be shifted
  • Pages may bleed over the page breaks


Screen_Shot_2019-09-09_at_8.27.15_PM.pngIf you anticipate needing to save a report as a PDF from your iPhone or iPad in the next few weeks, we suggest not updating to iOS 13 until after the upcoming update to LogTen Pro.


If you have already updated to iOS 13

The best option is to use the Mac app. Saving report PDF's is not an issue on LogTen Pro for Mac running macOS 10.15 or earlier. If you use LogTen Pro on both iOS and Mac then you can use your computer.


If you use iOS only and have already updated, a workaround is to use the Share via button after report generation to email an html report to yourself. You can then print a PDF from Google Crome on a computer. 


On a computer, open the email using Google Chrome and from the File menu select Print. You will then have the option to Save as PDF. Also be sure it is in Landscape layout.





Thanks for your patience, and rest assured an update will be out soon!

As always please let us know if you need further assistance by selecting Submit a Ticket at the top of this page or by Contacting Support through the Help menu within the LogTen Pro.



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