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Aviators from all over the world have been using Google Earth for flight planning and familiarizing en-route and destination surrounding environments. Now, Google has made its Google Earth free for all users.

LogTen and Google Earth

LogTen added the ability to visualize flight data in Google Earth allowing pilots to see their flights like never before. LogTen offers two exporting functions to Google Earth KML format file

  • Export Places - Airports Only
  • Export Flights with Routes - Airports and Flight Routes


On LogTen for iOS

Go to Reports >> Exporters >> Export Places (KML) / Flight with Routes

Choose Copy to Google Earth to open up the file


On LogTen for Mac

Go to Reports >> Exporters >> Export Places (KML) / Flight with Routes

Save the KML file on your computer and open with Google Earth for Mac



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  • Would it be possible to add a function that just exports the routes without all the label pins or just the single city pin instead of the full route label?

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew! All suggestions are documented and I have done so with this.

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