How to add a signature to a Custom Report

This page has some instructions to get you started with Customizing Reports

Often, our reports put the signature line in the pageOne_header.html file, but sometimes it is found in the pageOne_footer.html file (or pageTwo... if the signature line is on the second page of the report).

The signature section needs to be updated to add the image in the middle of it like this:

<td rowspan="3" class="signature">
I certify that the entries in this log are true,<br />
<img src="<?ltp special=reportDirectoryPath; ?>/signature.png" width="170" height="25">
<div class="sigLine"></div>
Pilot's Signature:

Then add this line to the bottom of the style.css file:

.sigLine {
border-bottom: solid 1px;
padding-left: 4px;
width: 98%;
If you need to get a digital copy of your signature, I'd suggest using Preview's built in signature feature to capture it: Preview's Signature FunctionYou can then paste your signature into a blank document, resize it properly, and take a screenshot of your signature (command+shift+4, click and drag the area).
Name the digital signature image “signature” and drag and drop it into the custom report folder and you should be all set.
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