How to generate a report with only Flight data, no Simulator


If you do not want to see any Simulator or other Non-Flying duties in your logbook reports,  all you need to do is create a smart group to filter data.

You can filter your data an infinite number of ways using Smart Groups. For this article we are going to use the easiest method which utilizes the Entry Type field


Make Sure you have the Entry Type field set to display then designate only flying duties marked as Flights (as signified by the little icon of an airplane):

Configuring your Logbook on Mac



Configuring your Logbook on iOS





On the Mac:

Create a new Smart Group and change the "Show All logbook entry types" to "Flight."

Select this Smart Group so that only Flights are shown on the Logbook view and then go to the Report page to generate your report. If you generate a report while a smart group is selected only the smart group results will appear in the report.



On the iOS:

Go to the Reports tab and select your report and then select Configure Report. In the Options window you will have the option to designate an Entry Type. Change All to Flights and only your Flying entries will appear in the report.



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