Can I import using the iOS app?


Importing data into the LogTen Pro iOS app is only possible through 3rd party apps. Here are a few that work with LogTen Pro.

Roster Buster

Roster Buster is a partner of LogTen Pro. They do charge a subscription, but if you access them directly from LogTen Pro, it will pre-fill a promotional code for a complimentary 3-month subscription. To access Roster Buster from within LogTen Pro on your iOS app, go into the **Logbook** tab and select the *Share* symbol in the upper-left (a square with an arrow pointing up). Then select **Roster Buster**. The promotion code is **3MLOGTEN** for your reference. 


If your company uses AIMS, you may consider checking out iAims here as you can export your flights directly from iAims into your LogTen Pro logbook.

Roster Import

Roster Import is another company that has taken advantage of our public API for direct importing into LogTen Pro. They are very affordable and offer support for many airlines which can be found on their website here.


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  • Please look at file imports using the iOS app. CSV etc. I get my data in that format and it one of the few things that I haven’t been able to transition to my iPad and still need a Mac to do.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, thomas.lawler. We are indeed actively looking into this.

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