How to configure International Number Separators with LogTen Pro


If you are an international customer of LogTen Pro, or if you simply prefer entering flight times in LogTen Pro using commas for your decimal point rather than periods/dots/full stops, you may encounter some strange behavior when entering flight times or when importing other logbook data into LogTen Pro.

In short, LogTen Pro will accept either periods or commas as the decimal number separator, but it has to match the setting on your Mac. 

On macOS you can check your preference setting by launching System Preferences > Language and Region > Advanced and verifying your Number separators.

On iOS, this is based on the region format device setting. You can change this by going to Settings > General > International > Region Format.

Be sure to set LogTen Pro to use a decimal Flight Time Format

On the Mac app go to the Preferences > General > Flight Time Format:



On the iOS app go to More > Settings > Display Options > Time Format:



You can now enter decimals for Flight Time in LogTen Pro to match your Mac's Number Separator preference setting! However, please note the following:

  • Only enter flight time values to match your Mac's setting. ie: if your Mac is configured to accept commas as the decimal, you will find that entering flight times with a period will not save, nor will your Total Time autofill a PIC value, etc.
  • If you're importing data from a file, please verify that all flight times decimals match your Mac's setting and use the same number separator throughout all entries. ie: don't mix commas and periods.
  • Although LogTenPro will accept periods or commas as flight time inputs in the Logbook list or detail view (depending on your Mac's setting), it will always display periods as the number separator in the Logbook and Reports.
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