Save Time With Auto Enter Times

Enter your total time, and let LogTen do the rest...

In most cases we, as pilots, will need to enter the same value for several types of flight time, and these will be the same for a certain phase of our flying. For example, a student will most likely be entering the same values for Total Time and Dual Received on every flight, at least until they start flying solo. On the other hand, most airline pilots will be entering either PIC/P1 or SIC/P2 on every flight, so why should they have to type it in every time they enter a flight? They don't if they're using LogTen of course. 

On Mac, go to the Preferences menu and select the Time tab. This tab displays all of the available time fields, and an auto-fill from total time checkbox for each. Tick the box under the fields you would like to be automatically updated when the total time changes (you can always override the value if you want it to be different from the total time).


On iOS, go to More > Settings > Time Calculations > Auto-Fill Times. You can then select/deselect all the fields you would like to auto-fill.



Now whenever the Total Time value is changed, either by typing in a new value, or by changing the Actual Departure or Actual Arrival times the ticked times will be updated as well. When you make that first solo, or get that sweet airline job you've worked so hard for, just go back to the Time tab and change it as needed.

These times will populate in the background even if you do not have them set to display in your logbook. So if PIC is set to auto-fill, and you do not have the PIC time field displayed in your logbook, the time will still populate in the background. Displaying or not displaying your times does not affect the auto-fill functioning.

Night is the exception

The only time field that does not auto-fill from Total time is Night. Night is calculated from the Out & In time fields only. So in order for Night to auto-fill you must log Out & In times



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