Trips and Per Diem




Working alongside the individual entries in your logbook, Trips can be used to group a collection of entries, or record a separate event not related to your flying or duty. Create a trip entry for your time away from base to record per diem and total pay, or record expenses on a business trip.


Create a new Trip using the "+" button in the bottom left corner, or select New Trip from the File menu. Enter any details you want to record about the Trip such as type, ID, and name. Then enter the starting and ending locations and times. The total elapsed time between them will be calculated, and logbook entries occurring within the trip entry will be shown on the right side.

Tip: A Trip can also be easily created from a collection of entries in the Logbook tab. Select the entries you wish to be included in the Trip, then right-click (or control+click) and select “Create Trip from Flights.” A new Trip entry will be created spanning the earliest and latest dates from the selected entries.


Trips also provides additional flexibility to record your pay. An hourly pay rate can be added to track your per diem earnings over the entire trip. You can also choose to view Trip pay totals with or without pay from logbook entries. Further down, expenses can be recorded and deducted to calculate your net earnings.


And here's how it looks on LogTen Pro X for iOS:



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