Is the Signature Feature Compliant with FAA Advisory Circular 120-78?


Great question!

AC 120-78 was written as guidance for operators seeking to use electronic record keeping systems for operations and maintenance activities. While we believe we are in compliance, and checked with multiple FSDO's on our flight validation feature, the AC does not specifically refer to pilot logbooks.

It’s important to note that the validated flight or certificate record becomes locked upon signing in LogTen Pro, if it is then unlocked for any reason, the associated signature will be automatically deleted and need to be signed again. Signatures are always associated with the instructor's CFI number and expiration date, just like they are in paper copy.

We would advise that if individual or operator wants to use LogTen Pro as their only means of documentation for requirements under Part 61, they should follow the FAA Approval process outlined in AC 120-78, which is simply consulting their local FSDO or the FAA Principal Inspector assigned to the operation within that FSDO.

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