Instrument Proficiency Check?


In many places there may be more than one way to be considered current on something. Take instrument currency for example. In the United States FAA regulations require you to have six approaches and at least one hold in the last 6 months. However, you can alternatively have an instrument proficiency check (IPC), which then makes you "current" even if you don't have the required number of approaches.

LogTen Pro can handle this quite nicely, here's how you do it:

First, in the main menu of LogTen Pro for Mac choose 'LogTen Pro' then 'Preferences' then 'notes' section of and make sure the "IPC/ICC" check box is checked. For LogTen Pro for iPad and iPhone, To configure your preferences on iOS: Open LogTen Pro, select the “Logbook” tab and tap on any flight. Tap: “..." in the top right corner then "Configure Fields”, then "Configure Section" under "Notes” and make sure that "IPC/ICC" is turned on.


A "minimums" or currency smart group has to take into account all the criteria (e.g. you have to have 6 approaches AND 1 hold to be current, just having one or the other is not enough, however, and this is important, the "any" selection above the criteria means that they don't have to be on the SAME flight... if it was "all" then you would have to have 6 approaches and 1 hold on the same flight). So just adding the IPC criteria to the existing instrument group won't achieve the desired effect because then you'd have to have the IPC AND the six approaches AND the one hold (although not necessarily on the same flight!)...

OK, so here's how to go about it:

  • Create a new Currency Group by clicking the "+" button at the bottom left of the Flights tab
  • Name it something useful like "IPC"
  • Set the time period you want, 6 months, whatever...
  • Set the criteria to Notes -> IPC -> is -> [ticked]
  • Drag this group into your main Instrument group

For your main Instrument currency group leave the logic for Nested Groups to be "ANY", optionally rename it to something like "IPC + Instrument", then duplicate (control click your Instrument group and select Duplicate) your main group, rename it to "Instrument" and move the duplicate into the "nested" location. This will result in the logic being (Group 1) or (Group 2) and show your currency at the top level as whichever group gives you more (longer) currency. This is what it looks like when finished:


The main Instrument group AND the copy of the Instrument group are the same:


The IPC group:


We've shared the group here:

IPC currency group

You can either click on the link or cut and paste it into a web browser to import it into your LogTen Pro.

Please note that this will download to your iOS device as 3 independent groups and the "IPC + Instrument" group will still provide the same nested group functions

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