How to Add Aircraft from an Airline Fleet List on Mac


By Contributing Author: Brent Robbins

I fly the A320 & A319 for a major airline. My fleet is made up of over 150 aircraft. My flying schedule references a “Secondary Aircraft ID”. This initially made it challenging and time consuming for me to reference the “Primary Aircraft ID” (Tail Number) and “Aircraft Type” from my airline manuals while logging my time in LogTen Pro. Taking a few minutes to add the entire fleet of aircraft into LogTen Pro will save you a lot of time while logging individual flights.

Reference an electronic copy of your airline fleet manual. My airline had a few pages in the manual that listed all the aircraft by Type, Primary Aircraft ID, & Secondary ID, among other information. I copy and pasted this list into MS Word and took a few minutes to edit out the unnecessary information so what was left in a text form was: Aircraft Type – TAB – Primary ID – TAB – Secondary ID.

Open up LogTen Pro for Mac, Choose: File, Import from file, Aircraft, and copy in your customized list of company aircraft. This will import all those aircraft and save them in the “Aircraft” page. There is other optional information you can fill in on the “Aircraft” page if desired.

Once this is done you can fill in the Primary or Secondary Aircraft ID in the “Aircraft ID” columns and the “Type” column will auto fill saving you a lot of time down the road while logging individual flights.

Happy Flying.

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