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LogTen Pro was designed with the needs of all aviators in mind. This means LogTen Pro can be useful for student pilots or commercial airline captains. We also understand some pilots want to track specific data or they don't want to clutter up their screen with data they simply don't use.

Because of individual needs of each pilot, LogTen Pro offers typical roles as well as the option to customize what data you logbook displays. Here's how to set them up:


Typical roles open up the categories often used by most of the pilots within that role. So the airline captain would typical use the options that displays with the airline captain role, and a student would typically use the options that display when the student role is selected. Once you have the typical role selected, it's much easier to add/delete specific fields.

How to Choose your Typical Role

You might have select a typical role already from the Welcome to LogTen Pro Screen. If so you can keep or change what you selected. To change it go to LogTen Pro > Preferences > General > Typical Role



When selecting a typical role, your auto-fill settings will adjust to the specific roles default settings. It is recommend to review these settings within Preferences.  In the example below you can see that PIC is selected d to auto-fill based on the "Airline Captain" typical role being selected.




Further Customize your logbook

You are not limited to the default fields after selecting your typical role. Go through all the Preferences tabs and turn on/off all the fields that apply to you.

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